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BTS of Web Design (Holiday Camp)

15-17 & 22-24 December 2021 | 10AM-12PM

Holiday Camp for students to learn about web design



** The registration is now closed**

BTS of Web Design is a 5-day holiday camp for students organised and sponsored by Exabytes. The focus of the camp is to spark interest and create a channel for students to equip themselves with digital understanding, knowledge and skills. 

Young minds, big ideas. We all start somewhere, so why not start young? 

Don’t be a kiasu but take the lead and start earlier. When you start or try something new earlier, you will have more experience and time than peers who start later. 

Be a sponge! Be receptive! Absorb and retain new digital knowledge.

You are already one step ahead. Walk away with useful knowledge, skills and your very own website at the end.

Duration6 days, 2 hours per day
Date15 Dec 2021 – 17 Dec 2021
22 Dec 2021 – 24 Dec 2021
Time10am – 12pm 
Who should joinSecondary School Students, 13-17 years old
Group Size20-30 students

The 5-day holiday camp Agenda:

Elements: Coding + STEAM & Psychometric Assessment

Day – DateObjective
Day 0 – 15/12/2021Orientation : Onboarding, introductions and projects
Day 1 – 16/12/2021Introduction to HTML & CSS + Mini Project
Day 2 – 17/12/2021My First Website + Bootstrap
Day 3 – 22/12/2021My First Website : Complete & Finalize
Day 4 – 23/12/2021Lesson Recap + Preparation + Submission
Day 5 – 24/12/2021Live Pitching + Best Website Awards + Graduation

Post camp: 

Monthly updates on students’ progress/ development on their online presence development

Support channel:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Personal account manager to assist on your account with Exabytes
  • Easy reach-out to Exabytes’ team for assistance

Join a WhatsApp group to review on needs/ help needed:

  • Coaches advice
  • Dedicated account manager from Exabytes to standby for assistance

Tangible Outputs:

  • Each student will build and host their own website with personal stories
  • Each student will get a psychometrics assessment to identify their interest in computer science
  • Each student will produce a pitching video to share about how and why they built their website
  • Best Website Award will be nominated by judges and/or parents
  • A Discord/Whatsapp channel will be created to facilitate all camp communication
  • Telebort Dashboard + Parent App will be provided

Take Note: 

Once the number of people reaches 30, we will no longer be open to people to join zoom. First come first served.

Event Details

Date: December 15, 2021

Start time: 10:00 a.m. UTC+08

End time: 12:00 p.m. UTC+08

Venue: Zoom Meetings

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