Reporting tools for project management
Reporting tools for project management (Suitable for all industries)

A reporting software is an important tool for project managers, freelancers, and business leaders to stay aware of the latest trends in project management.

Even experienced project managers may feel overwhelmed by the number of rules, acronyms, and principles associated with management reporting tools and techniques.

The availability of what seems like a large number of agile reporting tools like Google Workspace can make it challenging to select one that suits your needs.

Generating reports and performing trend analysis might be difficult if one does not have a reporting software.

If a company has not been able to identify the best agile reporting tools and technology to use, invariably, it can affect its project management flow.

What is Reporting Software?

Reporting software is used to gather data from databases and provide insights and other information through charts and graphs.

A business intelligence suite like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 often includes reporting software that automates reporting for businesses in a fraction of the time it would normally take. 

Although reporting software might differ in their features, capabilities and visualisation, reports created by reporting software quickly and effectively communicate vast volumes of data or relevant business-related information.

Visual reports may also be saved in a variety of formats and printed, distributed, or visually presented.

Compared to more conventional solutions like Microsoft Excel, reporting software generates reports that are more aesthetically appealing.

Microsoft Excel

It can effortlessly combine quantitative and qualitative data and reliably gather, compute, and assess data as necessary.

Reporting software aids in presenting data from computers in a way that is understandable to people. 

A management reporting tools uses data and creates charts, graphs, and tables based on the user’s requests.

Agile reporting tools packages for relational databases almost universally contain some reporting functions.

5 Key Reporting Tools for Project Management

  • ProWorkflow
  • Power BI for Microsoft 365
  • Cascade
  • Google Data Studio
  • Zoho Analytics

1# ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow Reporting Tools.

ProWorkflow reporting software for graphical data reports, was developed in 2002 as a project management system that met analytics and reporting requirements.

A user-friendly dashboard with a graphic breakdown of your current data for active, finished, and forthcoming work is displayed as soon as you log in to this program.

Standard reports include projects, tasks, time, financial information, and extensive data on workload and performance.

It allows to create your own report using custom reports, choose the data and filters you want, and even share the report with your colleagues or project manager.

2# Power BI for Microsoft 365

Power BI Microsoft 365

A cloud-based set of analytics and reporting software capabilities called Power BI is included with Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Additionally, Microsoft Power BI comes with a smartphone app. With the use of its analytics tool, you can go deep into your data to uncover trends that might lead to actionable insights.

You may use Power BI to access data from cloud-based platforms like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Azure SQL DB.

Making reports with dynamic data visualizations that make information simpler to interpret is possible with Power BI.

It is easy and simple to create customized reports using these agile reporting tools for themes, formatting, and layout that are provided.

Power BI also allows you to build mobile-friendly reports that can be seen on smart devices.

3# Cascade


Cascade is a reporting software for strategy execution that enables the project manager to track and measure important indicators and link reporting insights with strategic goals all in one location.

Project management executives can see quicker outcomes from their plans and make better decisions thanks to these management reporting tools, which provide a strategic context for every KPI, OKR, and everyday activity.

Cascade is an excellent option for any project management group that is serious about performance because of its strong integrations and customization features in a small business, a medium-sized company, or an enterprise.

Many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, higher education, finance, and supply chain & logistics, can benefit from Cascade.

4# Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

You can turn data into detailed reports and dashboards with Google Data Studio reporting software, a free application from the Google Workspace suite.

Google Data Studio may be used to extract data from spreadsheets, Google Analytics, and Google Ads, among other sources.

The dashboards created by Google Data Studio may be shared and provide team members access to information that is essential for making decisions.

In contrast to other free management reporting tools, Google Data Studio seamlessly connects with Google Ads, Google BigQuery, YouTube, and MySQL without the need for API changes.

5# Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is an analytics and reporting software that may help you turn raw company data into detailed project management reports and dashboards.

Zoho may be used to gather, enhance, and filter data to make the analysis simpler. You can discover patterns, produce insights, and predict trends with the aid of its AI assistant function.

There is also an iOS and Android mobile app for Zoho Analytics reporting software.

One may work together with other users to create and share unique project management reports and dashboards with Zoho Analytics.

You can manage who may read and change your data using its user permission settings, depending on the situation or suitability.


Any business which has project management as an activity as part of its operations need user-friendly management reporting tools that allow you to easily generate, publish, and track bespoke project management reports in real-time, all in one place—without the hassle of spreadsheets.

Any business looking to integrate reporting, strategy, and people, then Google Workspace would work like a charm.

The Google Workspace platform helps drive more effective management reporting tools and performance from the bottom up.

Google Workspace adds efficiencies and improvements to any operation which uses it for reporting, project management and online collaboration.

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