Top 5 Agile Project Management Tools: A Quick Guide

Introducing Project Management Software

The process of project management focuses on planning, tracking, and managing various projects to fulfill the desired goals in the time provided.

Project management tools are a set of software that helps in enhanced management and effective collaboration with other aspects.

Google undergoes continuous developments to improve Google Workspace apps which can also meet most of your needs concerning project management.

Some of the most preferred project management tools are Trello, Asana, Wrike, etc.

Trello - Project Management Tools
Trello – Project Management Tools

The agile project management approach is also preferred by various users focused on delivering projects throughout their life cycle.

Project management is an essential requirement for a business’s smooth functioning, which helps in well-organized execution of work.

Many organizations and businesses incline toward Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for collaborations and enhanced project management.

If the methods adopted by Google for project management are analyzed, it can be seen that the agile project management method is highly preferred.

The responsibility of an entire project and project management falls on the project managers and the team, who focus on a common goal considering the business needs.

Project management not only deals with the scope and schedule of the project but also manages the budget and resources of the concerning processes.

Using Google Workspace apps or Microsoft 365 tools will help incorporate effective project management tools, resulting in better outcomes.

Microsoft 65 vs. MS Office
Microsoft 365

The enhanced collaboration provided through the best Google Workspace apps leads to proper project management concerning tasks and deadlines.

Project management is more about the communication and interaction between the team members and the businesses where the process is carried out based on a clear idea about the project.

Most expert project managers engage with team members with the help of various project management software based on the needs and requirements of the business.

5 Top Project Management Tools in Short

The use of effective project management tools has a significant impact on the whole process of project management, which helps enhance business operations’ functioning.

The project management tools can be considered as the answer for the project managers to manage the projects.

The best 5 project management tools include:

  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Jira
  • Google Workspace
  • Wrike
  • ProofHub.
  • Clarizen
  • Airtable
  • Scoro
  • Workzone

Google Workspace is one of the best flexible project management tools which focuses on collaboration to work with the team.

Various organizations working on the agile project management methods utilize Jira, which is one of the most preferred project management software.

Comparison of Trello vs. Jira

Jiro Atlassian

The process of project management is entirely dependent on the project management tools used for various functions.

All the productivity apps present in Google Workspace can also be used for effective project management.

Trello is a lightweight tool that is designed for managing short and temporary projects with minimal processes, which can automate the operations in Google Workspace.

On the other hand, Jira is one of the heavyweight tools which is used in elaborate processes requiring different components for smooth operations.

Trello is preferred for small project management processes as it is quick and flexible and is also available at a reasonable price.

Jira works with a lot of other tools which is commonly used for advanced functioning and collaborations.

Quick Summary

  1. While dealing with project management tools, it can be seen that Trello and Jira are used commonly for small and large projects, respectively.
  2. The presence of effective project management tools helps in the effective functioning of businesses through the completion of projects in the desired manner.
  3. The process of project management determines the growth of a particular business, as each project is a step towards the success of a business.

Jira vs. Google Workspace Apps

Google Workspace - Online Collaboration Tool
Google Workspace

Most users are often confused as to what to choose for the project management processes in their businesses.

Jira is a powerful, agile project management tool that utilizes agile methodology for carrying out the project management process.

Working with Google Workspace enables project management professionals to achieve enhanced accessibility, cost efficiencies, security, and so on.

Google Workspace apps provide advanced features for project management resulting in improved delivery.

Let’s understand the features of both the tools in detail to enable us to decide on the apt one.

Jira Project Management Tool Features

  • Enhanced coding, collaboration, and test management in project management.
  • Supports any agile project management method for the development of software.
  • It can fit in any type of project.
  • Provides team planning for managing stakeholders, budgets, and other functions.

Google Workspace Apps Features 

  • Google Workspace apps enable collaboration and tracking of project tasks.
  • Schedule team resources for the project management.
  • Enhanced interaction between team members is enabled for effective project management.

The extensive features available with project management tools help to extend the scope of projects.

The features preferred by the target customers are made available through customized project management processes.

The business needs have to be analyzed properly to use the suitable project management tool for the particular project.

What are Project Management Costs?

The cost management process in project management involves various processes like planning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling the cost of the project.

The project management tools used throughout the process and the project management software determine the final outcome of the project management process.

The area and scope of the project impacts the project management cost. It also varies based on each project.

The methods adopted for project management also have an influence on the costing.

Using agile project management method to run a project is one of the most popular project management methodologies.

When coupled with Google Workspace, the efficiencies increase while the costs decrease.

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