Asia's Largest Marketing Conference

Marketing is a very important part of every business. In today’s competitive business world, business owners and marketers are always seeking new marketing strategies to promote and sell their products or services to achieve their goals effectively. 

However, the world is changing rapidly; consumer behavior and interest are changing too due to the emergence of new trends on different platforms. Are you following the right marketing trend for your business?

No worries, MarketingFest 2021 – Asia’s Largest Marketing Conference is back

MarketingFest is back with an online series that aims to help businesses and marketers equip more with the latest marketing trends, strategies and solutions.

Advertising Strategy MarketingFestData & Insight MarketingFestInfluencer & Social Media Marketing MarketingFest

This year, we are making MarketingFest 2021 even grander! MarketingFest will be presented differently compared to the previous MarketingFest in 2020. This 6-day momentous event will dish out new marketing strategies that focus on three different aspects to the audience in Southeast Asia. 

What will You Learn from MarketingFest 2021? 

You will get to learn ultimate marketing tips and tricks through three different series as follows: 

Series 1: Advertising 

Advertising Strategies are developed to communicate ideas about products and services to potential customers to convince them to make a purchase. By joining this series, you will get to learn from the experts on how to create successful advertisements.

Series 2: Data & Insights

A successful data strategy is able to provide insights that enable more informed decision making and goal setting and develop new growth opportunities. Leading digital analytics experts will share how to effectively use data and analytics to generate actionable insights for your marketing strategies.

Series 3: Influencer & Social Media Marketing 

In an ever-changing world of social media, it’s quite easy to fall off the wagon with your social media strategy. The steady stream of new updates, features, and websites are enough to confuse business owners. Still, staying on top of social media trends has its rewards. Join us to master social media marketing and accelerate your online business.

Event details: 

  • Date: 14-15 September 2021 – Series #1: Advertising

             21-22 September 2021 – Series #2: Data & Insights

             28-29 September 2021 – Series #3: Influencer & Social Media Marketing 

  • Time: 9:00am – 12.00pm (GMT +8)
  • Venue: Zoom 

Check out the speakers of this event!

drive online sales with Google AdsAdvertising on FacebookCreating content in social media

Website Immune System through SEOSimilarweb MarketingFestAnalysis to action Social Media Targeting

Mobile content strategyCustomer Research Google AnalyticsDiscover TikTok for business

tips to choose the right social media platformUtilizing innovative analytics toolsAds targeting for business

and many more upcoming!

Mark your calendar! Get ready to join us on this exciting event and learn everything you need!

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