Proud of and love Singapore

Love for the motherland is always cherished, and the pride one takes for their nation signifies belonging to the community and nation.

Celebrations began for Singapore National Day, and one great news for Singapore Citizens is about reclaiming the top spot in the World’s most powerful passports for 2022, as mentioned in the Henley Passport Index.

The proud and loving citizens of Singapore can now travel to 192 countries visa-free.

This ranking simply implies the respect and love received by Singaporeans across the world and is the inclusive diversity culture of Singapore the drive for such love and warmth from other nations. 

Why We Are Proud of & Love Singapore

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Taking time to reflect on why Singaporeans love our nation, the following are among the impeccable reasoning behind the pride “I love Singapore”. 

  1. The culture of “Togetherness” is an identity of Singapore culture, and that’s how even the immigrants to the nation truly believe and being vocal as “I love Sg
  2. The Can-do” spirit amidst many of the challenging times and circumstances from the people of Singapore has up the national spirit to focus on prosperity and potential disruptions in the new decade.
  3. One of the world’s most loved tourist places and millions of tourists from global nations love to visit Singapore. This is one of the proud moments for every citizen of the country, and aloud it I love Sg”. 
  4. Global politics and relations are always seen for self-interest style decisions, but the leaders of Singapore are its pride, in terms of standing united for the best interests of the nation.
  5. Though considered a small nation, Singapore is known for its inherent strength of army and military capabilities. It is one of the ever-proud elements for the I love Sg citizens of the nation. 
  6. People often cite Singapore as being a positive example of development and globalization. Globally for many developing countries, Singapore’s growth is a testimonial of vision, dedication, and commitment to the growth of a nation. Every stakeholder of the nation has committed and delivered phenomenally for the growth of the nation and its transformation into one of the most developed countries.
  7. As a favorite nation, Singapore is referred to as “Lion City”, “Garden City”, for its environmental sustainability efforts while not compromising on the growth and economic development of the nation. This is one of the most profound reasons why people are vocal above their love Singapore emotion.
  8. Unity in Diversity is one of the profound cultural themes across the nations, but in practice, the national culture should focus on inclusivity. For many immigrants, Singapore is one of the preferred destinations for settling down, and they love this nation. The “I Love sg” feeling comes naturally to them.
  9. Singapore is also referred to as Instant Asia”, as it depicts the expeditious glimpse of the diverse Asian culture to the tourists, within one nation.
  10. Singapore is not only seen as a global trade hub of Asia but also is known as the cultural hub wherein the different global cultures unify into one as I Love Singapore.
  11. Raise your voice, is where the unity of the Singaporeans reflects their passion and outspokenness, to stand for the right things. I love Singapore, as the people are always ready to back the righteousness.
  12. I love Sg, as the citizens always love to volunteer their time for society, and it is one of the intrinsic reasons that transformed Singapore into a great nation.
  13. The other great element of I love Singapore is that Singlish as colloquially known, is a unique blend of a handful of languages spoken across Singapore.
  14. Known as one of the best tourist destinations, it is only natural that the I Love Sg should have its list as one of the toppers in the global airline network. Singapore Airlines is known for its elite and enticing experience for millions of its passengers.
  15. Singapore’s Changi Airport is a class of its own and is known for state-of-art airport infrastructure. Probably, one of the very few airports in the world, wherein flyers are Ok with their delayed flight departures. Changi Airport shall surely make its passengers say I love Singapore.
  16. I love Singapore and take pride as a resident of Singapore for its unique standards of food culture. Singapore hosts several Michelin-star restaurants, more than a lot of other big cities of the world. Is there a better reason to feast and celebrate Singapore National Day? No wonder ilovesg is so visible as a feeling.
  17. Accommodative culture for every lifestyle. Be it, for the nightlife lovers, or for people who like to spend their time among nature, etc. Place for all, and life for all, this is what makes Singapore great. Another “i Love sg” reason to flaunt one’s love for the country.
  18. Technology and Innovation, Singapore always has its footprint in disruptive innovations and is a technological hub.
  19. The global stage for many awesome events. Soon too, there are scores of global events hosted by Singapore, and this is one of the key reasons why I love Singapore.
  20. Video Gaming, hey let’s not forget the revolution in the gaming industry by the Singapore Companies. The gaming experience leads to I Love Singapore euphoria among video game lovers.
  21. Regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is another reasons citizens proclaim I Love Sg. 

I Love Singapore, I love sg – these are all emotions and feelings which are displayed very proudly and with boundless joy. 


At Exabytes Singapore, we celebrate Singapore National Day with Pride and Happiness.

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