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Customer relationship management stands at the core of businesses in managing sustainable development.

Freshsales CRM system is a flagship offering from the Freshsales app stable.

Premium design focused on user experience as the priority in addition to features integration for customer relationship management workflow effective is the superlative quality of Freshsales CRM system.

To experience the seamless quality of the service offerings from Freshsales, and to understand how the system can be resourceful for your business customer relationship management, the free trial period service offering from Freshsales is a potential opportunity.

8 Core Features of FreshSales Essentials and  Freshsales CRM system

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1. Integrated Workflow 

Most of the conventional CRM systems offer independent modules or kind of flexible modules wherein the users must navigate from one tab to the other for managing the customer relationship management process.

For instance, to have the contacts view, or to load the events into the CRM software, and access contacts for bulk emails to the events, etc. there is a need for juggling between multiple tabs in conventional CRM systems.

In Freshsales, the user experience has been at the forefront in designing the system. Using simple and effective integration models, workflow connectivity can be easily established for the specific requirements of CRM systems essential for the business requirements.

2. Multiple Pipeline Management 

Pipeline management is one of the common phenomena used by the sales teams in managing the process.

Customer relationship management teams must keep a tab on multiple product offerings or services and the interests of customers for a distinct set of offerings.

When the businesses are holding any campaign or events, the CRM system should support managing the multiple ranges of pipeline management to understand the ROI and conversion scales, etc.

In conventional CRM software, pipeline management is basic, and does not facilitate multiple pipeline processes.

Freshsales CRM has the feature integral to its structure wherein multiple set of the pipeline system is possible.

Businesses can make use of such systems to focus on the marketing campaigns and other sales plans in parallel and use Freshsales CRM multiple pipeline management features for integration.

3. Contact and Account Management 

Fundamental to any CRM software is contact and account management. However, the flexibility and dynamic features integrated into contact and account management signify the efficacy of the CMR software.

In Freshsales, the system is profound and there are many features for dynamically managing the customer contact information.

Segregation of customer contact details based on an account like a company, or a group or campaign related can be easier in the Freshsales CRM.

Also, the timeline-based activity management for each of the contact is an integral feature offered in its CRM software by Freshsales.

Also, the history in terms of engagement, conversation, and communication history with the customers can be seen as a dashboard outlook in the Freshsales CRM software.

4. Automated Contact Profile Enrichment

One of the niches and resourceful features available in the Freshsales CRM is the automatic scanning and capturing of the customer information available in the public domain.

Tracking the permitted applications, Freshsales CRM automatically updates profile, contact information, and career-related information if any within the accessible information.

The major benefit of such an automated profile enrichment solution is updated customer information available in the CRM software.

Therefore, businesses can benefit from using the updated information for better ways of customer relationship management.

5. Scope of Customization 

The information fields in the Freshsales CRM system are dynamic and it allows the businesses to customize the Freshsales CRM fields as per the business requirement.

While the standard templates are well-designed information systems in common for businesses, the CRM software from Freshsales can be customized for the business requirements, using the features and settings available.

Other advanced CRM tools integral to the system are territories and lead assignment scope in the CRM system.

Also, the advanced scoring model attributed to the system using AI solutions is another niche to help businesses in managing their customer relationship management effectively and focus on the prospective customer information.

6. Workflow Automation 

An advanced range of sales management solutions like workflow automation is possible in the CRM software by Freshsales.

There are many businesses following the routine of the sales funnel, wherein at every stage, a different team could be leading the sales pitch and lead conversions.

The flexibility available with the Freshsales CRM system for such automation is phenomenal, and SMBs can customize the workflow in the system according to the personalized requirements for their customer relationship management plans. 

7. Email Features 

Email is one of the integral elements in CRM systems and in Freshsales CRM solutions, the scope for regular sync of email directly with Freshsales is possible with many additional features.

The bulk email facility offered in Freshsales CRM can be used with email templates available for managing email communication.

Also, the sales teams can have access to the shared email communication for easier collaboration within the CRM software interface.

8. Dialing Solutions 

Auto dialing, scheduled dialing, and routing the calls to the available resources are some of the common features of CRM software.

Freshsales CRM offers more advanced solutions wherein the in-app dialing model is possible and hardly any additional range of hardware or software installations are required for the process.

Such seamless integration of the key features required for customer relationship management refers to potential ways Freshsales can be useful.

Cloud-based solution offering reliable service quality and accessible using multiple devices on a real-time basis is a potential value addition to the CMR software from Freshsales.

There are many other value-added features like AI-based insights, professional and user-friendly dashboards, and hierarchy-based report generation systems to help the decision makers have more insightful access to the data available in CRM software.

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