Exabytes Launched Its Multi-Location Cloud Hosting Services In Singapore, Gave Cloud Hosting Grant to ISVs

Exabytes on July 31 launched its multi-location cloud hosting services in Singapore in National Library Building.

Over 60 specially invited customers and members of the press joined the momentous event to keep themselves updated with the latest technology, which was unarguably the future of websites, e-Commerce and web hosting.

The launch began at around10.00amwhen guest registration was open.

However, some of our guests had arrived at the venue earlier and at around 10.30am, CEO Chan Kee Siak officially kick-started the launch by giving his opening address “What Is Multi-Location Cloud Hosting?”


To further enable our audience to fully grasp the concept of cloud, Chan had also prepared a live demo to show how Exabytes’ cloud control panel worked, the easiness in managing it and its flexibility for users to scale their hosting resource limit or computing power.

In fact, cloud hosting also known as hosting in the cloud is the web hosting services delivered as a service rather than a product over the Internet which allows users to fully focus on their websites, eCommerce, products, profits, etc instead of hardware and its huge cost in upgrading.

It is also a technology that will soon replace the old idea of renting a server or shared hosting and is often described as “unlimited computing power – bandwidth, RAM, CPU power, storage, etc on demand” whenever needed by users.

In the case of multi-location cloud, users get to choose the locations of their cloud servers includingSingapore,Malaysiaand theUnited States.

In the concept of cloud, all terminals are established to work together in one single environment resembling a cloud metaphorically, so that the application can make use of all the computing capability it has and distribute the cloud resources flexibly to different terminals whenever the needs arise.

After Chan’s thorough explanation, the audience was eager to seize the opportunity to clear all their cloud hosting doubts in the following open Q&A session.

Among the important questions raised from the floor were issues on the security of cloud hosting as well as the technical support provided by Exabytes in ensuring it.

All questions were answered to the enquirers’ satisfaction, with Chan later on elaborated to our participants the high standard, measures and commitment of Exabytes in terms of its provision of services.

Subsequently, a number of ISVs who were also users of Exabytes cloud hosting stepped forward to share with the audience their experience in cloud adoption.

This session aimed to give a clearer picture of cloud employment using real life examples.

Next, it was the most awaited moment – our event’s Lucky Draw session featuring ‘The new iPad’.

The atmosphere reached a new peak when our lucky winner was announced!! Congratulations to Ms Koh Hui Cheng who brought home the much dreamt about gadget for free.

Soon it was time for a delicious lunch to fill up all empty stomach before the event came to a wrap; many participants were seen networking and mingling freely among themselves and Exabees.

Some took the chance to visit the Cloud Demo counters set up by Exabees to know more about Exabytes Multi-Location Cloud Hosting.

On a side note, we were glad to receive positive comments from our booth visitors on the easiness in managing one’s cloud hosting account through Exabytes control panel.

Finally, Exabytes Multi-Location Cloud Hosting Launch concluded at around2.00pm.

To our valued participants out there who attended Exabytes Multi-Location Cloud Launch inSingaporelast Tuesday, a thousand thanks for your precious time and effort in joining us! Your active involvement and support has helped us in making this event a successful one.

To view the memorable pictures of the event, please visit Exabytes Facebook fan page at Singapore Cloud Launching


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