Acronis Cyber Protect vs. Norton
Differences between Acronis Cyber Protect vs Norton (Updated)

Cyber security threats have become a challenge for global businesses. Alongside the positive developments in digital transformation for e-business systems, issues of cyber security threats too are on the rise. 

It is essential for the business systems to ensure there are more effective cyber security solutions like Acronis or Norton antivirus solutions, to ensure a safe and secured IT environment. 

Scores of cyber security solutions are offering a premium range of services for the information systems network and choosing the right fit solutions suitable for the ICT infrastructure in the business environment can be a potential solution. 

In this informative article, the focus is on understanding comparative insights into Acronis Cyber Protect vs Norton, for SMBs in Singapore. 


Acronis Ransomware Protection

Prevention of a cyber attack and other evil cyber activities require vulnerability assessment, anti malware, anti virus and anti ransomware protection.

Both at the business levels and for the cloud hosting services, deployment of sound cyber security solutions is paramount.

Acronis Cyber Protect offers a seamless quality of business-grade Acronis Cyber Backup, with doubled-up additional security features and remote management solutions.

For the new age businesses relying on the remote working team culture, Acronis can be a great solution, as Acronis Cyber Protect has a three-dimensional system focusing on cybersecurity, backup, recovery, and integrated protection management.

Despite its constraints as being less user-friendly system, Acronis is among the most competent cyber security defense with adequate features for cyber attack prevention and protection.

The holistic support system is the flagship of Acronis, as the secured and encrypted backup systems are thoughtful.

The Acronis Cyber Protect mechanism can counter any kind of malware or ransomware attacks.

Acronis Cyber Protect relates to more integrated cybersecurity technology for securing the information systems and network from malware threats emerging new in the market, and not being part of the antivirus libraries.

Downloading and installation of Acronis server and client components are much easier and enable seamless scope of application both for the management server and protection agent.

The admin console provided for the operational and customizing of the settings is a resourceful, simple, and effective solution.

Norton Antivirus

Norton software

Norton 360 is among one the pioneers in cybersecurity threat monitoring and prevention.

It is among the best antivirus software available in the market. Norton 360 is resourceful in terms of thwarting any kind of cybersecurity challenges including cyber attack and ensuring the protection of devices from every possible type of cyber security issue.

Despite its moderate pricing, the features offered in Norton Antivirus as a protective gear for small businesses are phenomenal.

Norton’s antimalware engine has the scope for machine learning, modern heuristics for the processes, and updated malware directory getting more insights in its library, wherein it helps in prevention better than cure kind of cybersecurity protection.

A series of testing reports from various quarters exploring cyber security threat detection systems, advocate Norton’s full scan and real-time protection in identifying distinct kinds of single malware files.

A significant advantage of Norton antivirus software is the efficacy of the system in terms of minimal system slowdown while the cybersecurity application of Norton Antivirus software runs in the background.

Added feature solutions like Norton Secure VPN, and Server Management models, are compatible with a different range of cloud hosting solutions.

Norton 360 is incredible and effective in managing the cybersecurity requirements for business and supports as an all-in-one antivirus product for information systems networks.

Norton includes Smart Firewall offering significant improvements to the other firewall systems available in the public domain.

The anti-ransomware system from Norton is known for successfully detecting and preventing any network intrusions easily and on a real-time basis.

Using the console system, Norton antivirus software can be used for setting the access rules, traffic rules resourceful for the information systems environment of SMBs.

Norton offers a series of 136 uncommon protocols resourceful in the detection of malware communication and notifies the users upon the disablement of any protocols in the system’s network as a malware threat.

Acronis Cyber Protection vs. Norton 360

In a comparison of the true system, features, and image between the Norton and Acronis Cyber Protect, the following are some of the critical developments in the system.

Features /Attributes  Norton 360  Acronis Cyber Protect
Malware Detection  Yes Yes 
Antimalware system for intrusion detection  Yes Yes 
Backup system  Yes Yes
Disaster Recovery  Yes Yes
Remote Controlling and deployment Yes Yes
Free trial Yes  Yes
Pricing  US$9.99 /month US $69.00/year
Access Control Permissions  Yes No
Activity Dashboard Yes  No
Activity Monitoring  Yes No
Activity Tracking  Yes No
Alerts/Notifications  Yes  No
Anti Spam Yes No
Anti Virus  Yes No
Continuous Backup No Yes
Data Migration  No Yes 
Data Recovery  No Yes
Data Replication  No Yes
Deduplication  No Yes 

Focusing on the key elements for comparison, both Norton antivirus software, and Acronis anti-ransomware is a proficient solution.

But deploying such solutions can be complex for securing the systems within limited backup solutions or disaster recovery solutions.

Emerging as a pioneer service provider in cyber security threat is about Acronis true image and the Acronis backup solution stands as a true testimony to its service capability

The decision towards choosing the right kind of solutions among the existing anti-ransomware software should be based on the requirements of the business environment.

It is important for any business to inspect their internal requirements, possible threats that could impact the information systems, and accordingly identify the right fit solution from the available anti-malware and antivirus software solutions.

Also, the pricing and the value proposition received from the Acronis kind of solutions is essential in choosing the qualifying and selecting the cybersecurity threat detection solutions.

Exabytes Singapore can help your business in identifying the right kind of anti-ransomware and cyber security threat solutions to empower your information systems network.

Approach our salesperson for more information about cyber security, cyber attack prevention, and anti-malware and anti-virus protection systems.

With a 24x7x365 tech support available via email and chat, Exabytes has the right mix of sales and support available for customers

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