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Best Antivirus Software You Should Know

Systems security cannot be left to fate and destiny. It needs regular monitoring and efforts to ensure systems are secure.

Technological advancements are enabling robust information systems and networks. 

However, alongside the positive developments, there are scores of challenges and impediments to the sustainable growth of secured information systems.

One such challenge is the security breach into the information systems network.  

Technically, defined as a security breach, the root cause for the breach is malware attacks, phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, breach of firewall systems, BoT, and DDoS attacks impending the successful operation of the information system. 

Malware Phishing Virus

Globally, across the industry verticals, the breach of security in information systems networks has become a common phenomenon.

Reasons explored for attacks are indicating vulnerabilities in the design of applications and system architectures, compounded by the absence of proper antivirus software systems. 

Very few businesses focus on a robust set of antivirus systems deployment as a preventive action.

More often, businesses see the deployment of antivirus software as an overhead cost and do not prefer to update the licenses or have an active updated antivirus system.

The challenge with the old versions of antivirus systems working in silos is that the virus data library of such applications is not updated regularly, and thus it can not detect the new age threats, leading to catastrophic conditions for information systems. 

Many antiviruses software service offering companies keep updating their virus detection library and push the updates into systems with the software installation, which are not successfully updated into individual systems or servers. 

Secondarily, the over-confident approach from the users, considering their systems network as safe, prevents them from using the right and appropriate levels of antivirus software solutions.

Vulnerability in the systems does not thwart any random attacks from hackers, and the systems are prone to threats.

Are you one among them who finds rationale among the above reasons?

Then, it is time to consider the systems antivirus software update and choose the right kind of antimalware systems.

Here are the top five antivirus solutions popular in 2023, which are imperative for secured systems network.



Tactically, should you prefer the antivirus software that does everything an antivirus software should do, or should it be the best antivirus software that provides holistic monitoring and controls over any security requirements for the systems?

The multitude of features offered by Bit Defender ensures prevention from ransomware attacks, high-task monitoring for financial transaction security, protection for VPN connections, spam elimination, security patch controls, and a simple password manager.

While the list of feature offerings is more in Bit Defender, the subscription offerings are very flexible.

Only, in the case of VPN systems security, the subscription packages could be added.

User experiences shared in the public domain on Bit Defender are phenomenal and it is one of the top-rated best antivirus software solutions.



The other highly competitive and optimal resource-oriented best antivirus software is Webroot.

Offered as a holistic security solution with cutting-edge solutions, Webroot is among the preferred antivirus software for limited or personalized information systems networks.

The key advantage of the Webroot antivirus system is its efficacy in detecting ransomware threats more accurately and preventing them.

Also, in comparison to the other antivirus software used as antimalware detection solutions, Webroot is very light in the consumption of server resources.

Despite that some improvements are required in the firewall security components; the overall performance of the solution is excellent.

Webroot antivirus software can be resourceful for SMBs with limited information systems networks, as there are profound control options for all the antivirus installations, to be managed in a less tech-savvy business environment.


McAfree antivirus software

One of the globally reputed service providers in the antivirus software domain is McAfee.

McAfee’s product offerings are so robust to secure the devices across the platforms like Windows, Android, IoS, MacOS, and a distinct range of operating systems.

Known for its premium customer service, ease of installation, and customized service offerings, McAfee is a popular and frontrunner antivirus software available in the market.

Right from antimalware protection to password security, and firewall protection, the features offered in the McAfee solutions are phenomenal.

Also, from the pricing factor element, the services offered by McAfee are very competitive, and it offers relentless monitoring and control of antivirus protection.

While the scores of beneficial features in McAfee are imminent, one common shortcoming of this antivirus software is its high levels of resource consumption in the system’s network.

Eventually, the regular backup and monitoring controls of McAfee are seen to be slowing down the performance of the systems


Norton software

The other contending player to the market leaders in the antivirus software domain is Norton.

Known as a holistic solution offering 360-degree security right from the systems in silos to a complex integrated cloud computing solution, and data centers, Norton is known for its robust security solutions.

Globally across the complex information systems network, Norton antivirus software is seen as a value proposition and is widely used for antimalware security.

Rated among the best antivirus software solutions available globally, the services of Norton are phenomenal.

However, from the economies of scale perspective, the Norton antivirus software offers bonus features in the form of a backup system that can archive locally or in the provided online storage, a spam filter, and others.

However, a challenge with the Norton installation is its limited capacity to offer multi-device protection and is mainly resourceful for systems operating in silos.


Acronis Ransomware Protection

The new emergent into the pioneer league antivirus software service offerings is Acronis.

Across Asia and specifically in Singapore, the services offered by Acronis in the form of cybersecurity antivirus software solution is gaining popularity.

Both from the dimension of security features, holistic coverage of antimalware protection, cyber protection like fail-safe patching, forensic back-up, data recovery, continuous data protection, global threat monitoring, and support, offer phenomenal scope for security of the system.

Choosing the right systems expertise brand like Exabytes can help businesses choose the right fit and best antivirus software solutions like Acronis for the information systems network.

With features like scalable data protection priced as low as SGD 9.00/month, Acronis Cloud Backup is the perfect match to complement Acronis Cyber Protect which provides anti malware, anti-virus, cloud backup and ransomware protection for as low as SGD 3.22 per license.

Contact Exabytes Singapore for Acronis products and services today!


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