Comparison: HubSpot, Keap, Salesforce, and Freshsales CRM Tools

Customer relationship management solutions are gaining significance, and today even SMBs are keen on using CRM software solutions for managing sales & marketing.

CRM software is not limited to the purpose of managing sales & marketing, and there is much more beyond the contact details or the sales pipeline information. 

CRM software if effectively used can be resourceful for customer data management resourceful for invoicing the customers, analytics on the preferences of the customers, and communication and customer engagement strategies adopted by the organizations. 

Scores of CRM system service providers are offering premium services in the market, and it is paramount for businesses to choose the right kind of CRM software catering the best fit solution at the right pricing for customer relationship management.

Here is a comparison of four key CRM software popularly used among the Singapore SMBs.


hubspot crm software

HubSpot as a pioneer CRM solution is profoundly a holistic marketing and sales automation tool used by thousands of small businesses for their customer relationship management.

An array of features and capabilities offered in HubSpot CRM software can be resourceful for small businesses in customizing their CRM software for effective customer relationship management.

Online marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and other online mediums like blogging, and social media advertising campaigns, can be effectively managed over the HubSpot solutions.

Unique features like the inbound marketing concepts are a resourceful solution known for its popular service “publish your way in”.

The scope for content management over the HubSpot CRM software can help in holistic services like calls-to-action, landing pages, webinars, and social media posts.

Features integral to HubSpot CRM software are best fit for businesses focusing more on online campaigns and its analytical insights.

In a conventional business scenario, businesses are bound to engage with customers in offline mediums, telesales, and counter enquires modality too.

While the CRM software from HubSpot is robust and can deliver a potential outcome, still the issue of managing the conventional information could be a demerit to the system.



Salesforce CRM System is among the major contenders in the customer relationship management-related CRM software domain.

The salesforce platform is profoundly used for sales, marketing, and service. User-friendly design and solution modeling have the benefit wherein the users do not require any technical knowledge to set up their Salesforce CRM.

The mapping facility inherent to the system supports in more meaningful connection of various dots (tasks) integral to customer relationship management.

The embedded intelligence system in the Salesforce CRM makes it one of the stupendous solutions available for businesses to focus on customer relationship management.

Contact management, lead management referred to as opportunity management integral to the Salesforce CRM design helps the businesses customize the set-up and deploy more tailor-made CRM systems.

In addition to the external source and contact management, the system has seamless scope for collaboration among the internal teams to manage the customer relationship management operations.

In a simple instance, clicking on contact info can enable information access to the movement of deals across the system in the CRM software.

One of the unique feature integrals to the Salesforce CRM system is its scope of Quote management.

Customer relationship management teams can prepare sales quotes using standardized features to access price, product code, quantity, and other inputs.

Using the auto retrieval mechanism of client data, the online quote and a PDF converted quote can be shared by email directly to the customer from the Salesforce CRM software platform.

High business intelligence analytics offered for the system based on the compounded information from thousands of businesses, work as a profound data analytical insight in the CRM software from Salesforce.

Additionally, the exclusive range of services offered by Salesforce for SMBs is dedicated service support with more integrated features such as CRM software.


Freshsales CRM Software - Freshworks

Among the front runners and more user-friendly solutions, Freshsales is a competitive customer relationship management CRM software available in the market.

In addition to all the customizable features available in the HubSpot Vs Salesforce, CRM software from Freshsales offers multi-pipeline management of sales data.

The advantage of the system is to focus and insights into comprehensive and campaign or product-centric CRM data.

Very few CRM software offers such classification in the CRM systems offered for SMBs.

The other major benefit of Freshsales CRM is the advanced scoring model powered by the CRM software by Freshsales.

The AI-powered Freshsales CRM software empowers the teams to have more effective and analytical insights into the possibilities of a lead turning into a proper sale.

Another key benefit integral to the CRM system from Freshsales is the auto-update to the customer profile information using the publicly available data.

This automation feature is unique, and it can help businesses have more appropriate, accurate, and relevant information about their customers.

With the flexible pricing solution, user-friendly navigation systems, and customizable themes for email campaigns offered in the Freshsales CRM system, it is also competitively priced and is high in demand among SMBs in Singapore.


Keap CRM Software

Keap another CRM system, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is predominantly focused on SMBs and offers highly customizable plans for its CRM software.

Stepped up as an all-in-one sales & marketing software designed for small businesses, it can cater even to a larger team customer relationship management service.

The service competence of the Keap CRM software is its lucid design to keep the customer information and daily work of sales data management in an integrated manner.

Like the earlier discussed CRM software systems, even in the Keap Pro version of the CRM system, the scope of a repeatable marketing campaign, and email campaign services are integral offerings to the CRM system.

Though the system has a certain level of user-friendly systems and processes, features in the system are limited and can be seen as an upcoming CRM system with wide scope for improvement in the service offerings.

In a comparison of the HubSpot CRM vs Salesforce, and HubSpot Vs. Freshsales, the emphasis, and the criteria for selection can be attributed to the business requirement.

Considering the pricing structure, the Salesforce CRM system can be costlier for SMBs.

FreshSales CRM can be a good contender having resourceful systems and capability models to support customer relationship management for SMBs.

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