Acronis cyber protect vs. Bitdefender

If you are looking for cyber protection like Acronis true image, then there are several security solution apps that provide cyber security, but the problem is, which one is best for you?

Acronis Protection and Bitdefender are market leaders in the cybersecurity and protection space. Here’s a comparison of the two to help you make a choice.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis cloud backup

This extensive Acronis security toolkit ought to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

While Acronis Cyber Security is somewhat more expensive than average for small to midsize enterprises (SMBs), Acronis is still within reach, and corporate clients that want to secure their workers’ data on mobile and distant PCs will find Acronis protection appealing.

For smaller firms, some of the functions of Acronis protection, such as forensic Acronis backup and the capacity to perform a memory dump on an active machine, could appear excessive.

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As would be expected from such a seasoned participant in that sector, Acronis backup and storage is a fully developed and comprehensive service.

These features closely resemble those in Acronis Backup. The size of its security stack is what distinguishes it from almost all of its rivals.

In addition to Acronis backup capabilities, subscribers receive active Acronis cyber security protection that operates in real-time with AI-powered antivirus, anti-malware, anti-ransomware, and anti-crypto jacking technologies, making this a fully competitive, business-grade endpoint protection platform.

Tiers and Pricing

The Acronis Cyber Protect Essentials plan, the entry-level offering, costs $59 per year. Again, compared to other rivals, like MSP360, this may seem pricey, but you’re getting a lot for your money, especially since you might be able to do three tasks at once by combining Acronis backup, endpoint Acronis cyber security and MDM.

Centralized Functionality

Acronis Ransomware Protection

For such a powerful and comprehensive service, Acronis Cyber Protect’s general design is surprisingly easy to use.

Access to the Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of the current Acronis backup condition for all endpoints, is provided through the right-hand navigation bar.

This contains Acronis cyber security defenses that display the amount of data that was backed up today, the amount of malware that was stopped, harmful URLs that were stopped, existing vulnerabilities, and patches that were prepared for installation. 

The devices are then examined in more depth, including their names, current protection status, device state (such as active or inactive), agent and agent state, most recent definitions update, the number of previous Acronis backups, and total storage consumed.

Proactive Defense

In the previous evaluation of Acronis Backup, which gave it high marks for being a solid all-around Acronis backup solution with anti-ransomware features, people got into great detail about the overall Acronis backup capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect.

Building on this basis, Acronis Cyber Protect greatly increases the proactive protection and security capabilities, which is important for enterprises managing a large number of distant sites that are all weighed down by data that has to be locked down.

The Best Protection for Remote Workers Is Advanced

Acronis might not be the best choice for smaller businesses seeking something more straightforward and affordable.

However, carefully consider the Acronis cost vs. having an all-in-one solution that includes not only backups but also endpoint security and device management with features specifically targeted at remote employees. 

Contrast that with choosing a less expensive solution that only focuses on data backup and restoration and may still be more suited for a central office than maybe hundreds of remote workers.


  • Integrated Acronis backup, archiving, and data security solution For SMBs
  • Aiming towards distant workers
  • Strong ransomware defense is included.


  • A distinct product is cloud storage.
  • Only advanced levels can use the mobile app.



Bitdefender is the most recent iteration of its premium GravityZone Business Security Enterprise offering in the hosted endpoint protection category (formerly GravityZone Ultra).

Plans and pricing for Bitdefender

The costs are not one of Bitdefender’s attractive qualities.

Like Acronis, of all the products experts examined for the roundup, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Enterprise’s pricing was the least transparent.

In addition to being exclusively offered through Bitdefender’s partner channel, the business also refers to GravityZone as a “tiered “platform.”

As a result, it won’t talk about the Enterprise tier’s price, only stating that the Premium tier’s annual starting price is $286.99 for five devices or $57.40 per device.

Bitdefender Business Security Premium: How to Get Started


The default dashboard in this most recent version of the software is miles ahead of where it was when we last examined it, especially in terms of aesthetic attractiveness, different than Acronis.

One may access portlets exhibiting different types of threat behavior, including drill-down options inside each portlet, much like in prior editions.

There is a real army of handy portlets available for you to select from, and you may alter their design in any way you think is best for your business.

Testing Performance

Business Security Enterprise through the normal endpoint protection testing procedure, the purpose of the test experts ran was to evaluate Bitdefender’s defense against phishing attempts, and anti-malware.

Although no browser plugin was necessary for this, people did need to allow SSL scanning in the policy in order to finish the test.

Using a known vulnerable version of Chrome and the Java 1.7 runtime, a browser-based attack against the system is launched using a Metasploit tool called AutoPwn 2. None of these attempts to get a remote shell were successful.

These results are confirmed by independent testing

Bitdefender GravityZone showed a 100% online protection rate in AV-Comparatives'(Opens in a new window) March 2021 anti-malware protection test, more than Acronis.

Additionally, it had a 96.8% detection rate both online and offline. There were just four false alarms.


  • This is exceptionally good anti-malware threat detection.
  • Effective tools for managing policy
  • The sandbox analyst


  • Plans and prices are difficult to grasp.
  • There is a significant learning curve for several features.
  • Expensive


When it comes to choosing the best option between Acronis Cyber Protect vs. Bitdefender, it’s all up to you depending on your requirements and budget and what features you consider important.

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