Overcome the rise in Singapore Ransomware Attacks

Globally and for businesses in Singapore, one of the critical challenges facing business systems is the issue of ransomware attacks.

As reviewed in research reports, around 65% of Singapore businesses were hit by one or the other ransomware attacks in the recent past, and an average of $1.9 million is to be spent by businesses affected by a ransomware attack to relieve the ransomware in Singapore.

It is imminent from the ransomware attack case scenarios about the interruption to businesses, and in some cases, it might impact the attacks to a significant extent.

Prevention is better than cure, and this applies contextually to the case scenarios of businesses facing ransomware in Singapore.

Here, prevention is about some of the comprehensive and best practices resourceful in addressing the challenges of ransomware attacks and supporting the information systems’ cyber security.

Some of the best practices that can help businesses prevent ransomware attacks and manage ransomware data recovery are highlighted below.

Best Practices to Overcome the Rise in Singapore Ransomware Attacks:

Integrated Security Practices 

Deploying a sound cyber security solution alone does not work, if the users still access the information systems from public places, do not manage the user credentials effectively, and ignore keeping the systems updated on operating systems and application-level security.

More often the ransomware attacks in Singapore are the resulting action of vulnerability in the system environment.

The users need to focus on a holistic system of security practices. Right from using effective monitoring and control tools, to focusing on the implementation of systems in regular practice and combined with the user-level precautions essential for managing the information systems.

Managing the Backup Solutions 

cloud backup solution

The operational style of ransomware attacks is about hackers taking the control of servers, denying access, and encrypting the data in the systems.

This will prevent genuine users and businesses to access their critical data.

Ransomware in Singapore relies highly on these practices and demands money from the business to relive the systems.

The vulnerability of the SMBs in such a scenario is about the loss of data, as they do not have any adequate backup data in remote or alternatives.

If the businesses have the right kind of backup systems in place, they simply can reset the systems, launch applications, load the data, and execute the business.

Though there could be some level of interruptions to the business process resulting in ransomware attacks, a lot can be prevented with proper backup plans in place.

Ransome data recovery will no longer be a concern for the business with the right data backup systems in place.

For the backup systems, some of the recommended practices are to focus on the cloud backup solutions, having the data backed up regularly in an offline device like external hard drives which in general are not connected to any internet environment.

Customization of the backup solutions as per the organizational needs can help in redundancy while improving the security from ransomware attacks.

Strategic Approach to Data Security 

Unlike in the past, to counter the emerging cyber security challenges like ransomware in Singapore businesses must plan data security and management as strategic importance.

No longer can businesses afford to ignore the ransomware attacks and need high vigilance using the new age cyber security solutions.

Some of the strategic measures promising for SMBs in Singapore can be the usage of cloud services which can mitigate the risks of ransomware infection.

For instance, the features like managing the backup of the previous version of files can be a boon for businesses under ransomware attacks.

Though there could be some data loss, the quantum of such loss could be minimal.

The other strategic aspect essentially focused by the businesses is to ensure there is a proper policy framework across the organizations on usage and accessibility to the information systems.

When there are regulated practices, and compliance from teams to the policy framework, it can help in mitigating the risks of ransomware attacks.

Also, even in the instance of a breach, ransomware data recovery from the backup systems shall be easy for the business.

Port Settings 

The inception points of ransomware attacks for businesses are the vulnerability if any in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) port 3389 and port 445 known as Server Message Block (SMB).

Limiting the connections to the trusted hosts and having more regulated access to such systems can be a potential advantage.

The settings for the ports must be closely guarded for cloud environments and on-premises, to secure the systems from ransomware attacks.

Deployment of Intrusion Detection Systems 

New-age solutions like intrusion detection systems can be highly resourceful for SMBs to avoid ransomware in Singapore.

The application of sound intrusion detection systems can prevent the need for ransomware data recovery, and it can be proactive prevention for any intrusion.

These systems rely on anomaly detection in the pattern and identify possible intrusions into systems networks from ransomware hackers.

Selection of Complete Cyber Security Solution 

Complete Cyber Security Solution 

Rather than choosing or managing an individual set of cyber protection tools, and managing the backup solutions independently, the SMBs in Singapore can choose the holistic service protection models like the Acronis Cyber Protect solution – Acronis backup which is a 360-degree cyber security service to fight against ransomware attacks in Singapore.

The benefit of using such systems is about the following features integral to the process:

  • Cybersecurity Protection Suite
  • Intrusion and Anomaly detection process
  • Network and Firewall protection
  • User data encryption
  • Real-time or customized data backup
  • Real-time or customized data backup even for SaaS application data
  • Regular update of malware virus libraries and early detection of any attempts
  • Data recovery and disaster backup services

Choosing different features in the form of a holistic suite might cost businesses more than conventional.

But if the damages resulting from ransomware in Singapore are reviewed, these costs are way better for the safety and security of the information systems.


Reach out to professionals from Exabytes Singapore to guide you more on the Ransomware attack challenges and assist in the deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect solutions for securing your business systems.

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