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Why is it BETTER to create your website with WordPress? There are many types of templates and website builders in the market, but why do so many people choose to use WordPress as the platform for their website? The reasons:

tool iconEasy to Manage

With WordPress, web designer can easily make changes to his/her website, or even add multiple plugin they need to make the website perform more powerful features to improve customer experience.


save iconAuto-Backup

WordPress can keep your content safe with peace of mind. It comes with automated regular backup, and you are able to update with just a few click.


www iconSEO Friendly (Search Engine Optimization)

WordPress build with effective high quality of php code; it builds for performance and stability. With the beautiful theme, your website info is well organized for SEO purposes. Furthermore, you can further enhance your website SEO with plugin install.


Simplicity and Borderless Design iconSimplicity and Borderless Design

WordPress come with thousand types of themes, plugin, setting style and format. Fully customize theme offer mobile friendly and auto responsive function to all type of devices.

We optimize hosting for WordPress

Why You Should Choose Exabytes Optimize Hosting

WordPress Optimize Hosting is combination of WordPress and Hosting Plan, with benefit on better performance for Powerful, Effective and Stability management.

  1. Faster Respond in Speed

    Our server configure in WordPress Configuration, it speed-up the respond time for WordPress website that host on our server. Our server configure with caching memory optimization, therefore giving your customer a new quick load website experience.

  2. Stable Update

    We manage your stability WordPress update; make sure your website avoid from malware attacking and insecure access by hacker.

  3. Live Ticketing Support 24/7/365

    We provided experience support team ready for WordPress solution. You may ask them more general problem on WordPress rather than only web hosting problem. Our support tech team is ready for optimize WordPress y hosting solution.