WordPress Website Popup Plugins

Do you want to find the best WordPress website popup plugin? You may turn website visitors into email subscribers and paying customers with the aid of a solid WordPress website popup plugin.

Numerous website popup plugins are available to assist you in increasing conversion rates. However, the majority of pop-up Windows will either make your website slower, provide false data, or even be worse.

The majority of people believe pop-up Windows to be a “single size fits all” type of thing. However, depending on your objectives, you may employ a wide variety of pop-up Window plugins.

What Are Pop-up Windows on Websites?

Website popup plugins are windows that “pop up” into display in the user interface without the user’s explicit consent.

Pop-up Windows can inform users of other things, such as cookie use, although marketers often use Pop up windows to push products and create leads.

It frequently appear on websites shortly after the page is loaded the first time a person visits it.

Additionally, they can be started by movements like scrolling, clicking, or exit intents.

Website popup plugins are frequently used by websites to collect email addresses, but you may also use pop up windows to:

  • gather leads
  • recover abandoned carts
  • increase demo sign-ups
  • segment your email list
  • recommend related products
  • suggest a different asset
  • Use pop up windows to ask users to submit a question

Should Your Website Employ Pop-up Windows?

Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys pop-up windows. Many people consider them to be bothersome or even invasive.

Pop-up Windows not only actively ruin the user experience while attempting to persuade you to do a certain action, but they also do so.

Pop-up Windows are still rather typical on commercial websites, particularly eCommerce sites.

Pop-up Windows have success in turning visitors into buyers by promoting an email subscription, offering discounts, or offering some type of membership.

Website popup plugins should be used since they work well. The typical pop-up window conversion rate is 11.09 percent, according to OptiMonk.

Pop-up Windows are a simple, inexpensive, and efficient approach to capturing a visitor’s attention, which may lead to them acquiring a lead, even if you disagree with their ethics from a UX perspective.

Pop-up Windows are therefore at least worth testing on your website to see whether your conversion rates increase.

Three Concerns Regarding WordPress Website Popup Plugins

1# Pop-up Windows must be utilized with caution. 

WordPress website popup plugins that are poorly constructed may quickly become obtrusive and harm both your brand’s reputation and the user experience.

In order to provide the greatest user experience and maximize conversions, you need to choose a website popup plugin system that has the right behavior interaction, targeting, and personalization options.

2# Another problem with most WordPress website popup plugins is their performance.

Since many WordPress website popup plugins rely on WordPress to collect statistics, your website will load much more slowly as a result.

As you are undoubtedly aware, having a sluggish page speed hurts your SEO rankings. For this reason, you want a WordPress website popup plugin that provides effective conversion capabilities without making your site unresponsive.

3# WordPress hosting

Make sure the WordPress website pop-up plugin you select truly functions with your WordPress hosting setup.

Many website popup plugins are badly designed, therefore they won’t work with the most advanced caching technologies that many hosting providers are now utilizing.

This contains sophisticated features like reporting and A/B testing.

Utilizing a pop-up window for WordPress will primarily help you increase email list subscribers and lead capture.

The Best Website Pop-Up Examples

Let’s examine some excellent pop-up samples from the internet, divided into the following categories:

  • Pop up window discount offers
  • Pop ups window  for email sign-up
  • Pop up window cookie warnings

1# Pop Up Window Discount Offers

Wild Souls

Wild Souls Pop Up Window Discount Offers

The designers of Wild Souls’ one of the e-commerce websites, avoided turning off the home page with a modal. The email form pop up window is attached to the bottom corner instead.


This pop-up window is vibrant and inviting, with language and design choices that reflect Pipsnacks’ brand identity and actively nudge you to take advantage of the offer.


This pop up window is clear and uncomplicated, getting right to the point without wasting any words or space. The wording that reads “Free Shipping and Returns” is also a great touch.

2# Pop-up Window for Email Sign-up

Semicolon Bookstore

Semicolon Bookstore Pop-up Window for Email Sign-up

The benefits of joining the Semicolon Bookstore’s email pop-up Window list are stated in this CTA on the website, which does a decent job of doing so while also graying out the text to prevent it from detracting from the form.

Users can choose to read it or bypass it in order to sign up.

Peak Emotion

Another excellent, interesting email opt-in pop-up window is provided here. The newsletter has a catchy name and an appealing cover photo that grabs our attention.

Daily Vibrate Higher

Everything about this pop-up Window, from the photo and color scheme to the content and text arrangement, is well put together. It’s a wonderful touch to include “We respect your privacy” in addition.

3# Pop Up Window Cookie Warnings


Pop Up Window Cookie Warnings - Proweb

Websites have implemented cookie notices so often since the GDPR took effect in 2016 that they are now the norm. That doesn’t prevent you from being inventive with them.

Take this humorous illustration from the digital agency Proweb as an example.

Pollux and Castor

The cookie notification pop-up Window is clearly displayed by this digital consulting firm. Instead, it tries to be humorous while making the notification huge, clear, and simple to confirm and shut.


Lunchbox.io’s pop-up Window respects the fact that you’ve already seen enough cookie notifications.

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Website popup plugins are a powerful tool for boosting sales, cultivating brand loyalty, and increasing user engagement.

Start with a straightforward pop-up window that has only one form field and provides something worthwhile.

If you want to start your WordPress website hassle-free, contact Exabytes to start with its WordPress hosting services.

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