Singapore domain consist of 9 different domain extension.

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All Singaporeans and even foreign companies are eligible to register a Singapore domain with some of the above mentioned extensions. However, there are still restrictions for certain domain extensions as indicated above.

Google easily identifies a website’s country of origin and ranks it among other results according to priority. Therefore, if your business is based in Singapore, it is best for you to use a localized domain name for your website.

Moreover, if you’re using localized domains, your content should be localized too.
*Localized content = content that is tailored to target customers who are based in Singapore only.

There are in fact, some good online content providers/copywriters who are good at helping companies to enhance and tailor online content to their buyer persona, such as among several others.

So yeah! Go for a localized domain if you’re targeting local customers!

Singapore Network Information Centre Pte Ltd (SGNIC) is a company that provides Singapore Domain Names registrations to resellers but not to customers. Thus SGNIC requires accredited registrars to help them to sell Singapore Domain Names.

To find out more regarding Singapore Domain Names, visit: 

When you have secured your localized domain name, it gives you the advantage to connect with your local audiences and become more competitive in your local markets.