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Have Multiple Domains for My Business?

With the rise in eCommerce and internet-based business, most people are aware of the significance of domain selection. In actuality, it’s one of the most crucial choices you’ll ever make for your company.

Choosing an appropriate domain name could have a profound impact on a business’s reputation, recall value, and visibility.

For years to come, it will affect business marketing and advertising methods.

Plus, a business might have to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, on the ideal domain, that’s why it is suggested to check domain name availability before starting a business.

Whether you already have a domain name availability or are just starting out, buying multiple domains can help make sure that people looking for your website can find it.

4 Benefits: Is It Good to Have Multiple Domains?

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The website can be the most crucial aspect of your company these days. Your website serves as your storefront for e-commerce businesses.

Your website is frequently the first place potential clients look to discover more about your other businesses, goods, and services. 

So, having multiple website domain is crucial because most of the people mistype the name.

1# Audience targeting and segmentation

You’ll first have the chance to divide your audience into several categories with multiple domains. One may, for instance, create a primary website with material catered to your target market.

Then, to target a secondary audience, one may create a different website or use more than one domain for marketing purposes.

Additionally, it’s an excellent approach to seeing how the material performs for multiple domain audiences.

2# SEO advantages

One may also get better search engine optimization (SEO) results by using multiple domain names.

If you are unfamiliar, SEO is a collection of tactics intended to raise your position and increase your exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Utilizing more than one domain can help you rank for a wider range of keywords and phrases because the domain has a substantial impact on the keyword relevancy and rankings.

The multiple website domains can also be used to develop a completely distinct set of content themes.

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3# Funneling traffic

One can effectively “funnel” visitors to your main website by choosing the correct multiple domain names.

The main site may be reached by setting up multiple domains with different spellings and different keywords.

4# Safeguarding the brand

Buying multiple domains can also aid with trademark protection. To prevent squatters from obtaining them and to protect your capacity to develop later, one might do bulk domain search to buy more than one domain that are connected to the main domain.

For instance, one can register multiple website domains in bulk with several country extensions and check domain name availability of frequent brand name misspellings.

4 Main Reasons: Can I have Multiple Domains?

It’s crucial to pick a domain name for your website, but you might not realize that picking multiple domain names will help you to maximize your marketing efforts and make the most of your company’s online presence.

1# Spelling Errors and Typos

It’s probable that visitors will either mistype or not know how to spell your domain’s rare or distinctive terms. 

In this situation, it’s a good idea to bulk domain search and buy multiple domain names that cover the most common misspellings of your name so that you may direct visitors who inadvertently type your URL incorrectly to the proper domain.

2# Brand Protection

No matter how big or small your organization is, keeping a positive reputation is crucial.

Even if one wants to increase brand recognition, they don’t want to be linked with a company that doesn’t share their values or has a history of offering subpar goods and/or services. 

However, those businesses do exist, and they could trade on a name that is quite similar to yours; that’s why looking for premium domain name with a bulk domain search is crucial.

3# Business Expansion

Having multiple domain names might help you stay on top of business development if you’re moving into a new location and make your firm seem “local” to clients all around the world.

When doing business abroad, buying more than one domain name with regional TLDs like or .au might help clients in England or Australia feel more linked to your company.

4# Buy TLDs

You have a fantastic opportunity to check domain name availability and buy multiple domains with domain extensions or TLDs such as .plumbing and .photography.

Buying multiple domains with different TLD alongside your existing standard domain ending, such as .com or .net, may help you stand out from the competition and showcase a particular aspect of your business.

Best Tips to Use Multiple Domains

1. Begin modestly

You could go bonkers and start buying multiple domains with reckless abandon if you enjoy the notion of creating many connected content empires across multiple domains. Start small instead; that is preferable.

Concentrate on creating one or two strong acquisitions. Once you’ve gained some traction, you may buy multiple domains, redirects, and/or entire websites.

2. Create the proper kind of redirects

You’ll need to set up redirects as part of your multiple domain development plan to let users go from one domain to another.

However, the appropriate sort of multiple domain redirects must be used if you want to be successful.

The 301 redirect, a permanent redirect that won’t affect your search engine results, is the most popular option here.

3. Measure and evaluate your outcome

Make sure you evaluate your performance consistently across multiple website domain areas. Which domains are driving the most traffic to your website if you’ve put up many redirects?

Which of your websites, if you manage more than one domain, is performing better than the others?

Examine and interpret this data in order to continue modifying your domain portfolio and marketing tactics and better serve your target market.

Every company is unique, so there isn’t a single ideal quantity of multiple domains.

Naturally, domain names are expensive, so it’s necessary to take your budget into account. Ascertain that the purchase of your multiple domains will be profitable.

If you want to do bulk domain searches and instant search domain availability to buy more than one domain, Exabytes can help you with its multiple domain services.

To find out more on domain promotion, contact us now.

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