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Should I Get Multi-Year Domain Registration?

Register multi-year domain name is a great way to protect your brand and make sure that no one else can use it for their own purposes.

This will make sure that no one else can register the same domain and use it in the future. But if you are not worried about your company name being used by someone else, then registering for a single year would be enough.

In order to decide if multi-year domain registration is worth the cost, read more about the benefits of multi-year registration and a few facts you should know.

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Domain registration and renewal is the first step in creating an online presence for businesses.

As a strategic long-term vision for the businesses, it is important as well for the businesses to consider domain management for the businesses as well.

Consequently, when making domain registration, some of the businesses prefer to buy the domain for longer periods possible, than domain renewal every year.

Focusing on multi-year registrations to secure domain registration has scores of benefits.

In the new-age service offerings to buy domains, country code – ccTLDs typically offer a renewal period of one to three years, but some TLDs can be renewed for up to nine years.

Why the businesses should focus on the multi-year domain registration, implies the reasons like building long-term authority on the domain, and in some instances, any new companies could approach you for the domain at higher prices.

Some professionals and tech companies are in the business of domain registration using catchy words, and phrases, which could be strategic for some future businesses.

Such domain registrations have ownership for a long, and domain renewal is not required for the long term.

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Why a Multi-Year Domain Registration?

Multi-year planning is an essential tool for companies with long-term business goals. Having a web presence is so essential these days that domains are an integral part of business assets.

Registering a domain for the long term can help you avoid a set of reminders, processing the payments for domain renewal, and the chances of missing the domain renewals for human error.

The other key issue in domain registration for longer periods is about reducing the implications of spiraling costs for the domain, and the businesses getting the domain registration at better deals for the long-term.

If the business depends more on the online presence like the e-Commerce stores or online transaction applications, digital projects are tied to medium to long-term objectives of the organization, it is important to have completed the domain registration for several years.

The Benefits of Multi-Year Domain Registration

Some domains, such as .com, can be registered in multi-year programs, usually for up to 10 years.

Yes, registering for as long as ten years possibly reduces the risk of a domain name getting more competition, the scope of domain registration happening at better deals, and no hassles of domain renewal.

Despite the notifications from the domain registration service providers, in the overlook of things, people tend to forget about domain renewal within the prescribed time limits.

This could lead to many challenges for the business, as once the domain name gets open to the public, your website will be down from its online presence, and any kind of SEO efforts into the page rankings, etc. shall become futile.

Also, considering the demand for the possible names in the domain registration, the service providers shall start charging higher premiums for the domain renewal, which impacts the overall costs and budget to buy the domain for the long term.

It is a reality that the multi-year domain registration could be costing high for small businesses, the long-term adjustment to the domain renewal costs is a good value proposition.

Do Long-term Domain Name Registrations Help Your SEO Ranking?

The domain registration age matters to an extent, but the domain renewal factors taking place in time are essential to ensure that the search results page ranking could have an impact.

But don’t overestimate the age factor of your domain.

The age of a domain name does not determine the quality or reliability of a website.

As confirmed by Google, it only takes a few months after the first crawl for a new website to show up in search results.

However, when a business buys a domain, the domain must be purchased from reliable service providers, and the necessary information for managing the web hosting should receive in time.

Register Domain Can Become an Integral Asset

Many businesses, buy a domain with the intent of managing the online presence of their business.

But domain registration can help the business in various ways, wherein the demand for the old domain to be active is a popular dimension.

There are numerous instances of a failed business having received good bids to use their domain registration done in the name of their existing business.

At times there is auction scope for the domains during the domain renewal.

Businesses can explore the dimensions of making profits from selling the domain registrations they own as a revenue stream too.

Some professionally managed businesses have the exclusive task of booking the domain registrations for long period and seeking bids for ownership transfer of the domain registrations.

Domain Transfers Between Service Providers

The facility for transferring the domains to the other registrars is a possible dimension in the current scenario.

Usually, businesses prefer to change the domain registrations repository from one service provider to the other for various reasons.

In general, when a business buys a domain for a period, the rates could be attractive.

But when businesses opt for domain renewal, domain registrations with a service provider can be hiked costs.

Or the service quality could be poor, and businesses prefer to switch domain registrations to other service providers during the domain renewal.

Some of the key aspects that the business must follow for the transfer of the multi-year domain registrations from one service provider to the other, the following are some steps integral to the process.

  1. Update the contact information.
  2. Set up your email sending domain name.
  3. Access the business domain registrations from the service provider account
  4. Ensuring the domain is eligible for a transfer
  5. Creating an account with your new registrar to transfer the domain renewal
  6. Authorize the domain transfer by feeding in necessary codes as directed
  7. Finalize the domain transfer
  8. Exit the account from the previous service provider

Following the above-mentioned simple steps can help businesses ease domain registrations transfer or domain renewals for registration with other service providers.

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