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Digital presence for a business starts with the fundamental approach of creating a website. The launch of a good website has much to do with the domain name chosen for the website URL.

In the search for a good and catchy name for the domain, the domain name generator available as a free tool option on the websites are being resourceful.

The website name generator helps businesses with good domain name ideas, and it can be helpful for businesses to purchase the domain name for their business website.

Some of the new-age domain name generators available as a good option among many of the generators are highlighted here.

Some of the best practices significant to managing the domain names post generating the domain ideas are:

  • Try to register the website name from the trusted domain registration services
  • Pick a domain name that are short, catchy and easy to remember
  • Avoid hyphens in the domain name ideas generated
  • Ensure the other trademarks are infringed in the process of picking ideas

Getting a Free Domain Name Generators

In picking the website name ideas for the website, one should consider the relevance for the businesses or the purpose of setting up the website, among the various choices generated by the domain name generator.

Now a days, businesses can make use of website name creators for choosing the best domain suggestions that suit the purpose and objective of their business vision, it can help in improving digital presence management.

Some of the new-age domain name ideas generator websites available in the public domain are

1. Exabytes 

Exabytes domain name generator

Exabytes provides free domain name generator to help you find the perfect domain name for your company or project.

The generators are easy-to-use and provide an unlimited number of domains for you to choose from. All you have to do is enter your desired word or phrase and then choose from the list of available domains.

You can also use the search function to find available domain names, which allows you to search and check multiple domains in bulk.

2. Nameboy 

nameboy domain name generator

Nameboy known among the best website domain generators, this tool is in service for more than two decades and is considered a superior range of domain name generators in the market.

If the users can simply feed in the keywords in the search tab, this domain name generator can list out a distinct set of options.

From the wide range of domain name ideas listed, the users can pick the domain name, and following the instructions can complete the domain registration process.

3. WPBeginner 

wpbeginner domain name ideas

Among the other significant range of business name generators, the AI-powered free business name generator in the market WPBeginner is popular.

In addition to tossing the search results for the website name ideas, the domain name generator also helps in understanding if the corresponding domain names are available for the business names.

Thus, this name generator can also be resourceful for searching in the business name generator confirmation and, checking domain name availability for distinct kinds of extensions.

4. IsItWP

isitwp domain ideas

IsItWP is one of the fast and instant levels of domain ideas generator.

Though this website name generator is used in limited origins, the tool has the scope wherein simple and few keyword options about the brand name can lead to displaying the scores of options.

The combinations and synonyms generated as part of the domain name ideas generated, there is the scope of multiple options.

5. Blog Tyrant 

This website name generator has a significant scope wherein BlogTyrant offers domain ideas with quick turnaround times, as a good domain name generator.

For starting a good blog option for the users, this website name generator can help in getting good domain name ideas that can be registered in simple steps too.

6. NameCheap

Namecheap domain name generator

Namecheap is a trusted domain name registrar and offers domain name generators for customers to create a domain name according to their preferences.

All kinds of top-level domain extensions can be assessed wherein the domain ideas which are more resourceful for the business can be selected.

The suggestions can be helpful for the users in checking their domain names in bulk, and the tool is entirely free of charge.

7. Network Solutions 

network solutions website name generator

Among the competitive set of domain name generators, Network Solutions is among the large domain registrar having more than seven million domain names registered with them.

Being one of the fast domain name generators, this name creator is credible for its effective means of domain name ideas generated using simple keywords.

In addition to .com domains, this domain name generator also offers a list of options like the .net, .biz, and co. uk etc. which are resourceful for selecting the right kind of domain ideas generation.

Additionally, the premium domain names for sale are the other option available in the domain name generators, wherein it can help the businesses choose the business name ideas in a simple process without verifying the availability with domain registrar solutions.

8. Shopify 

The free tool offerings alongside the business name generator are the plus feature of searching for domain name ideas in Shopify, the business name generator.

A simple user interface combined with a robust search process helping in generating good domain ideas is the critical advantage of the model.

If you are looking for starting an online store, choosing Shopify domain name generator for website domain ideas can be a good option.

There are many other scores of name generators available in the public domain which can help businesses choose the proper domain ideas for their websites or blogs or e-Commerce applications.

Some of the other popular website name generators in the public domain are

  • Domain Wheel
  • Panabee
  • Naming
  • Name Station
  • Bust a Name

There are many other significant options available as the regional specific too for domain name ideas generation.

However, for the benefits of using these website name generators, one should use the appropriate kind of keywords defining the business name and type of business.

To get assistance with website domain ideas generation, and registering a domain name, reach out to our team at Exabytes Singapore for technical assistance.

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