Benefits of .Com.SG and .SG Domains

Do you realize that .COM.SG & .SG Domains have advantages over other domain extensions?

Actually, this domain extension is not just for Singaporean but for everyone who own business legally registered in Singapore.

If you still wondering worth buying a .COM.SG/.SG domain, then you must read the article below about the top 5 advantages that you should know earlier.

I am going to share with you the advantages of investing in domains.

Many people asked about SG domain: Who can register for SG Domain?

Summary of 5 Advantages of .Com.SG & .SG Website Domain Name

  • Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Short Domain Name
  • Better Choice for Singapore Based Companies
  • Good for Branding
  • Boost Customer Trust

1) Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

search engine optimization

Do you want your website or blog to appear on the very first few pages of Google search results?

One of the deciding factors of good SEO strategy is having a localized domain name, which in this case, are .COM.SG/.SG domains.

Localized domains are great opportunity for SEO because they are more relevant to a specific region, which can help improve rankings in search engines. Use local domains such as .MY or .TH are also beneficial because they provide more information about the company and their location to potential customers.

Do you want your target customers to reach you easily from Google search? .SG& .COM.SG Domains are right for you! 

2) Short Domain Name

Short domain names make it easier for people to remember your website and come back again.

If you know how to choose the right domain name, .SG domain as an internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Singapore can be quite short and easy to remember, just like

3) Better Choice for Singapore Based Companies

singapore based companies

A .SG domain gives your business a stronger business identity and more business opportunities.

It shows that your business is based in Singapore, a wealthy nation with good governance and abundant business opportunities.

4) Good for Branding

website branding

The domain name is the first thing that people see when they visit a website and it’s often what determines if they stay on that site or leave.

.SG & .COM.SG Domains can help you in establishing your online branding. Are you selling a product/service that is uniquely Singapore?

If yes, .SG & .COM.SG Domains are right for you especially premium numeric .SG domain!

You should own a website that is targeting the customers in your city, using a local domain as it will help you rank higher in search engines for the local search queries.

5) Boost Customer Trust

reputation boost customer trust

Local domain names are an important part of the company’s branding strategy. They help to establish credibility more quickly than other domain names because they are associated with the local area or region.

A .SG domain can increase customer trust and loyalty because only businesses legally registered in Singapore, or Singaporeans are eligible to register.

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