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Today marks another milestone for Exabytes Group. Malaysia’s government-linked private equity fund Ekuiti Nasional Bhd (Ekuinas) has acquired a 40% stake in Exabytes Capital Group for RM44 Million.

Ekuinas CEO Syed Yasir Arafat Syed Abd Kadir said Ekuinas is broadening its footprint in the services industry and in accordance with its mandate, it is investing in and nurturing high-potential local companies that are ready to scale and compete regionally, if not globally.

“Exabytes is a prime example of a company that has the platform to be a regional leader that can position Malaysia as a hub for business and talent.

Through Exabytes, Ekuinas will be able to capitalise on the booming internet economy globally, which is currently valued at US$3.5 trillion,” he mentioned to the press.

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With a market share of nearly 30% in Malaysia and 18-year track record of strong service, Exabytes is expected to scale especially with the growth of the industry.

“Given its strong, experienced and founder-led senior management team, we are confident that Exabytes will continue on its growth trajectory with the global market for hosting expected to grow at 9% annually driven by increasing internet penetration and digitalisation of businesses,” he said.

About Ekuinas

Ekuiti Nasional Berhad, or Ekuinas, is a private equity fund management company established by the Government of Malaysia on 1 September 2009 to promote equitable and sustainable Bumiputera economic participation via the creation of Malaysia’s next generation of leading companies.

Following the Government’s comprehensive rationalisation of its investment guidelines under the Foreign Investment Committee (FIC), Ekuinas was introduced as one of the new market-friendly policy instruments to ensure enhanced and equitable Bumiputera equity ownership through private equity (PE).

The PE model which was adopted by Ekuinas is by way of investing in high-growth businesses, aggressively expanding them and profitably exiting once they mature or become market leaders.

About Exabytes

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Since its establishment in 2001, Exabytes is specialized in providing cloud hosting services and helping SME to grow their businesses online to achieve their dreams. Today they serve over 100,000+ Customers (from individuals, students, small & medium size businesses, to government and public listed companies) in 121 countries and manage over 1000+ servers with 100,000+ websites, 1,000,000+ email accounts.

Exabytes also handpicked by Google as a Google Premier Partner in 2015 to offer Google AdWords Online Advertising to SME in Malaysia to grow their businesses online by leveraging on the power of Google search and its effective online marketing tools.

Website & Cloud Hosting products include: Domain Name Registration, Business Web Hosting & Email Hosting, Reseller Hosting, CDN (Content Delivery Network), VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Servers, Co-location services, SSL Web Certificate, Instant Website Design and more.

Exabytes also through its sister group companies, operate EasyParcel and EasyStore.

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