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What Is .SG Domain?

.SG domain is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Singapore

This ccTLD was first registered in September 1988 and is administered by Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC). 

Using .sg as a top-level domain is the best choice for global companies targeting Singapore to run their digital business, e-commerce sites, and local Singapore business entity.

Who Can Register for .sg Domain?

.SG domain can be used by companies 

  1. That have a business legally registered in Singapore
  2. With a Singaporean business owner
  3. Who would like their domain to be registered or are in the process of registering with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), IE Singapore or any professional body. 

Business entities not registered in Singapore may apply for a .com.sg domain name if they appoint a local agent as the Administrative Contact. The SGNIC Whois allows for such an option. 

The cheapest way to register a domain name is to look up Singapore based domain registrars such as Exabytes.sg and Vodien.com.

A domain name price comparison between a Singapore based .sg domain provider and a global provider may show a price difference such as Godaddy.com and Namecheap.com.

What types of registrants can register for .SG domain registration?

  1. Singapore Top Domain Extension for Individual – .SG domains
  2. Singapore Company Choice – .SG / .COM.SG domains
  3. Community Based Organization – .ORG.SG domains
  4. Educational Institutions – .EDU.SG domains
  5. Network Services Provider – .NET.SG domains

What Is the Registrant Information Needed?

The best domain registrar of a region will always provide information in two different sets – one for individuals and another for organizations/ business entities.

Registrant requirements for an Individual are:

  • Valid Singapore postal address for the Administrative contact
  • Valid Registrant and Administrative Identification Form – Singaporean ID card number (SingPass ID) in the #[email protected] format.
  • NRIC (National Registration Identity Card) or CPFB (Central Provident Fund Board) unique account number – SingPass ID for Singapore citizens & permanent residents
  • FIN (Foreign Identification Number) – SingPass ID for foreigners/employees
  • The Administrative Identification fields appear when you select “Singapore” as a country for the Registrant or/and Technical contact in your contacts.

Please note – the “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be left empty for all sections of contact details by “individual” registrants.

Registrant requirements for an Organization / Business are:

  • Valid Singapore postal address for the administrative contact
  • “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be filled in for the Administrative contact if it is to be Organization and empty in case it is to be Individual
  • “Organization name” and “Job Title” fields are to be filled in for the Registrant contact
  • Organization name should exactly match the one associated with the Unique Entity Number (UEN). You can check your Organization name by the UEN using this tool.
  • Valid Registrant Identification Form – Company Registration number (Unique Entity Number – UEN). SGNIC requires organization IDs to comply with Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority – ACRA. More details about it can be found in the SGNIC document
  • Valid Administrative Identification Form:
    If the Admin contact is to be Individual – SingPass ID in the #[email protected] format. Kinds of SingPass IDs are described above, in the previous section.
  • If the Admin contact is to be Organization – Unique Entity Number (UEN) or CorpPass ID (must be associated with the corresponding UEN number).

Post Domain Registration Process for .SG / .COM.SG domains 

Upon registering .SG / .COM.SG domains, one is required to accept the Consent Email sent to the Registrant email address in the short period of time after the order is submitted. 

An email is sent if the registrant email address does not have a prior record of supplied consent on the side of SGNIC Whois.

The administrative contact must, within 21 calendar days from the date of registration, complete the verification process via the [email protected] Portal. This can be done by the administrative contact as follows:

  1. Clicking the link in the email that will be sent by SGNIC to the administrative contact’s email
  2. By going to the [email protected] portal directly at the following URL: http://verifiedid.sgnic.sg

Exabytes Singapore is an established .sg domain name provider. You can own a domain name in just a few simple steps guided by our expert from zero to one.

Also, we offer a free sg domain with certain hosting plans which takes away the hassles of registrar Singapore formalities.

Few things to note:

  1. SGNIC does not provide the Registrant with the right to sell, trade, assign or deal with the domain name registration.
  2. One cannot sell one’s .SG and .COM.SG domains in Marketplace due to Registry restrictions.
  3. SGNIC whois requires that all new .SG domain names undergo compulsory verification using SingPass. The verification is to be carried out by the administrative contact of a domain name to verify the identity and contact information of the Registrant.
  4. Custom SingPass IDs are not allowed for the domain registrations. SGNIC’s system can only accept SingPass ID in the format of Singapore NRIC or FIN.
  5. Registrants who don’t have Singpass ID can appoint an organization with a valid SGNICID to act as the administrative contact. 

Exabytes is proud to announce that it is of the trusted SGNIC Accredited Domain Registrar. We provide cheap domain name with the best web hosting plan offerings across Singapore. 

Related Information about Exabytes web hosting plan: Best Web Hosting Plans in Singapore

Benefits of choosing a .SG domain

1. Short domain name

Short, clear domain names with easy Country Code Top Level Domain name to make it easy for visitors to recall and inform others about and come back to the website. 

It is also short and easy to remember, like how you would easily recall exabytes.sg.

2. Helps improve SEO rankings

Localized domain names helps improve SEO rankings and over the period ensures that the website or blog moves to the first few pages of Google search results. 

Using a domain that represents Singapore makes it easier for Google to know more about the business.

.SG & .COM.SG Domains being localized helps find maximum visitors from the local market improving the SEO rankings. 

Check domain availability to find if the domain name that you plan for your website is available.

3. Better choice for Singapore based companies

.SG domain improves the business identity and provides for more business opportunities.

A .SG or .COM.SG shows the presence of the digital business in Singapore where there is a chance of business success considering the financial status, governance and abundant business opportunities in the country.

This helps improve the business viability of the company.

4. Helps brand the business

.SG & .COM.SG Domains enable companies to create a visible digital business presence in local market. 

At Exabytes, you can also consider our premium numeric .SG domain that may suit the business requirements.

5. Boost customer trust

A .SG domain can improve the customer trust and credibility for only businesses legally registered in Singapore, or Singaporeans are eligible to register. 

This is because when you have a domain that represents a particular country, it lets the visitors know that you are offering services to the local market.

This builds a feeling of being safe in the customers while making purchases on the website.

How Do I Know if a .SG Domain Extension Is Right for Me?

.sg TLD is ideal for entrepreneurs and companies who want to expand and grow in business-friendly location like Singapore.

If one has a valid address in Singapore or is a Singaporean, one can just go for .sg domain name to make your customers feel it is a trusted, credible company.

Looking to build your website with .SG domain? Exabytes as one of the domain registrar Singapore offers a cheap domain registration service for anyone interested in registering a .sg domain. 

We feel pleasure to help you manage with full control over your domain and see your business successfully take off.

Frequently Asked Questions about .SG Domain

1. Why select a.SG domain name?

Identify a domain name that’s everything about Singapore.

The .sg high-level country code domain name (ccTLD) is the best destination for tourist attractions, resorts, organizations as well as restaurant.

2. Is a.SG domain expansion right for me?

The.sg TLD is perfect for entrepreneurs as well as businesses who looking to construct a base in a business-friendly location.

A legitimate address in Singapore is required to buy a .sg domain, so your audience will certainly know that you’re relied on area.

Launch your site today and also location your service on the map such as Exabytes and Vodien as one of the famous web hosting companies in Singapore.

Exabytes location at Singapore

3. Why select a .COM.SG domain?

The extension .com.sg is the web nation code TLD (top-level domain name) for Singapore and is taken care of by the Singapore Network Info Centre.

To get started with your business, a.SG domain name is definitely the first choice for you.

Then, you can own a .com.sg domain afterward to secure your website traffic from being shared with others.

4. Is a .COM.SG domain extension right for me?

This domain name extension is specifically for companies registered in Singapore.

With Singapore emerging as Asia’s premier service center, a .com.sg domain name is your competitive edge in the Oriental market.

5. Interesting ideas on discovering an excellent domain name

Any domain name search tools online can help you by providing tips and various other choices to any domain you search for.

Just few simple steps to sign up a domain, having an efficient domain strategy you register the best domain name feasible. Right here are some tips:

  • Make it simple to remember.
  • Do not register domain that registered trademark and copyrighted
  • Minimum being 1 character and the maximum being 63 characters
  • Avoid numbers or hyphens.
  • Get more than one such as .com.sg after owned a .sg domain.

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