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BDx Singapore Data Centre (SIN1)

BDx Singapore Data Centre is a single-tenant, certified by Uptime Institute, within its own secure compound. This facility is designed to comply with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s stringent security guidelines for data centres confirmed by independent, third party Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA).

With maximum 10 kVA power density, BDx Singapore Data Centre is ideal for customers with high-power, high-availability requirements, offering them a conveniently located carrier-neutral facility with access to round-the-clock support from data centre experts.

Part of the newly-launched BDx Enabled Network (PEN), the first pan-Asia Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) architecture enabling organizations to provision network resources within minutes across multiple sites, BDx Singapore Data Centre interconnects with other PEN-enabled facilities to offer customers the flexibility to create a truly virtual Asia-Pacific data centre.



BDx Singapore Data Center (SIN1) is closely located to the city centre. It is easily accessible through public and private transportation.


BDx is a 155,000 sq ft dedicated data centre facility with 1,500 IT rack capacity.


A highly resilient, distributed redundant electrical system provides dual, redundant sources of power to every rack with no common point of failure. Rigorous application of best practice in engineering has led to a highly available, highly efficient electrical infrastructure.

Environmental Controls

The facility is outfitted with redundant chillers and chilled water storage to provide uninterrupted supply of cooling to the data halls while maintaining the temperature levels required by high-efficiency equipment to help optimize their performance and lifecycle.


Global SLA


BDx is a carrier neutral data centre, with direct access to both BDx’s extensive submarine cable system and Singapore’s existing carrier hotels.

Fire Protection

BDx’s SGCS2 facility utilizes state of the art aspirating smoke detection systems, coupled with traditional point detectors and both gaseous fire suppression and dry-pipe pre-action sprinklers.


BDx combines stringent physical security measures with electronic access control systems to ensure the safety and security of hosted equipment.

Services Racks, Cages And Suites

BDx can accommodate customers’ varying data centre requirements, providing customized colocation solutions to suit individual businesses.


BDx ensures easy and convenient installation and dismantling of equipment with a spacious loading bay, staging and storage areas, generous cargo lifts, ample headroom and level access between the loading bay and the data halls.

On-Site Remote Hands Support

BDx has a pool of highly-skilled data centre engineers who are trained in the application of best practices in data centre management for handling colocated equipment.

24×7 Multilingual Customer Service Support

BDx Customer Service Centre provides single point of contact, round-the-clock support for all customers worldwide.




Exabytes’ second data centre in Singapore, Rack Central 1 is located within the central Data Center zone in the heart of Singapore at Tai Seng Drive. It is a carrier-class Tier 3 Internet Data Centre housed just meters away from a Global Switch Carrier Aggregation Data Centre.

RC 1 houses close to 60 multi-national customers, and more than 10 local and international telcos. With capacity of 1000 racks, it is designed to specifications of PUE of 1.8 and offers Tier 3 equivalent power, cooling and telecommunications services designed to TIA-942 standards. RC1 offers a full suite of colocation services ranging from Nano DC to manage cloud hosting, basic co-lo racks to fully customizable cages and suites.

Availability choices are effectively accessible with this carrier neutral data centre with multiple direct dark fiber connectivity into Global Switch and Equinix. This enables Exabytes to have access to over 500 global and local network operators and additionally On-Net data centre connectivity to other key data centres around the region.

Furthermore, RC1 is TVRA assessed and ISO 23001 BCM certified. This integrated service data centre is not only ready to host the production IT but it’s also designed as a secondary DR/BCP site. With space fitted out and ready to deploy up to 120 seats BCP seats (customizable up to 1000+ seats), the data centre is fully equipped to manage services for annual BCP/DRP testing.

RC1 also provides fully integrated customer portal and integrated RCIM system. Clients can use the customer portal to access their assets within the data centre, make requests, raise tickets, and check their consumption of services. With the Integrated RCIM system, we help our clients to monitor their physical IT assets, power, physical security and cooling environment within their racks, cages and suites remotely. This is the reason why our clients always enjoy peace of mind with their assets 24x7x365.

Rack Central 1
23 Tai Seng Drive, Singapore


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