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Register Your .SG Domain Now

Due to overwhelming response, if you experience any difficulties on searching for or registering a domain, kindly email our friendly sales team now.

SG Domain Name


The domain, a Singapore country code top level domain (ccTLD), is now extremely popular among registered Singapore businesses as it shows the identity of Singapore, a land of great business opportunities and wealth. Up to 150,000 + + .SG Domains have been registered as updated from SGNIC registry.

Moreover, a domain increases customer trust because only legally registered businesses in Singapore or Singaporeans can register. With such a domain, no matter if it is for your blog, e-Store or a normal website, it will help RANK HIGHER in local search results when someone searches for your business in GOOGLE.COM.SG


There are still a lot of catchy and good names / keywords available for your domain which you can't get for general TLDs like .COM and .NET. So don't wait! Register/buy your SG domain name NOW to protect your privilege!

New Domain Registrations         1 Yr Domain
.SG This category is available to all with a valid Singapore postal address.


.COM.SG Requires to provide us your companies registration number and company name in order verify the validity of the company. Please make sure that your company is register under the



.PER.SG Applicable for registration of a personal domain names, an applicant for a domain name must be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident who aged 18 years and above. Parents, guardians or an immediate family member shall apply on behalf of an applicant who is below 18 years of age, provided that the parent or guardian or the immediate family member concerned is above 18 years. A domain name website may be used to carry out commercial activities for so long as it complies with any guidelines that SGNIC may from time to time issue in relation to the activities of domain name name website.


.NET.SG   Applicable for network providers and info-com operators in Singapore, applicants must be (1) operating info-comm networks or providing info-comm services; and/or (2) providing data storage facilities or hosting services. Examples of such eligible registrants include holders of Info-Communications Development Authority (IDA) licenses, operators of data centres, web hosting service providers, providers of dedicated connectivity services and operators of value added networks. SGD55.00
.ORG.SG   Applicable for societies, charitable bodies and other organizations not classified in which either registered or are about to be registered with the Registry of Societies (ROS) or other miscellaneous organizations (eg. Town Councils, Community Centres, People’s Association and Embassies and any other organizations not classified elsewhere.) SGD55.00
Register Your .SG Domain Now

Due to overwhelming response, if you experience any difficulties on searching for or registering a domain, kindly email our friendly sales team now.

All SG domains are entitled to FREE DNS Management.

Terms and Conditions

  • All SG domains registered after 1st October 2015 are entitled to FREE DNS Management.
  • Registration of domains is on first comes first served basis. Submitting your order to Exabytes does not mean
    your requested domain(s) will be registered until payment confirmation is received.
  • Country Level Domain Name is for residence or company residing in the specific country only.
  • For domain, clients are required to provide the Singapore NRIC (National Registration Identity Card)
  • For,, registrations, kindly provide your company supporting document and fax to +604-6308288 together with your domain name(s), or email to
  • Domain name once registered is not changeable and refundable.
  • Information on limitation on the domain names. Read More.
  • You do agree to our terms of service available here.
  • Exabytes reserves the right to amend any Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Singapore Domains

So is a Singapore domain really important?

Reach out Better to Local Customers and Gain their Trust for Singaporeans, Singapore domain is a must to conduct a website, forum and blog, secure the trust of your customers and reach out to local market better than your competitors! What is more? SG domain helps greatly in the listing of your business profile in local directories. Anyhow, what is the big deal when your brand or company doesn't have a domain? What is worse when your brand/company's domain is taken by your competitors?

Grab Your Singapore Domain Ahead Of Your Competitors!

Your Biz and customers will be stolen! If they go for your competitors instead of you, you will lose the business forever! In today's brand conscious world, your brand is of paramount importance! Your Domain name signifies your BRAND and makes people remember your company and make recurring purchases. Secure you domain TODAY, secure your BRAND and CUSTOMERS. SG Domains tell your customers that you are from SINGAPORE, a HIGH-TECH AND RELIABLE MODERN CITY! With the good reputation Singapore has around the world, your domain increases your company’s credibility and strengthens your corporate identity.

Seize This Promo Or Pay MORE In The Future

Now that the price of .SG Domain is slashed to the lowest prices possible – SGD39.90 for 1 year and SGD76.00 for 2 years, you SAVE as much as SGD35.00 when you register! The MORE you register, the MORE you save. So don’t wait! Grab your favourite .SG Singapore Domain NOW! Register TODAY to win Customer Confidence and Loyalty, and avoid PAYING MORE in the future!

Examples of Popular Websites with SG Domains:

Client's Testimonials

  • " Thank you for you and your crew's help because finally i successfully redirect the domain to my blogspot today. Good job exabytes' crew! You are the best! :) "Kevin Tain
  • " This is another reason why exabytes been around for so long and why we customers love em so much. rock on! "fuNky (RS Gusto Trading Enterprise)
  • " In my (soon to be 2 years) hosting/domain renewal with Exabyte (Malaysia), I have not ceased to be amazed by the efficiency of the ticketing system. Tickets are replied the moment they receive your queries irrespective of which department handles your tickets. Another amazing achievement is how well the various departments cooperate to solve a client's problem. I would recommend Exabyte to all Malaysians intending to have their own hosted website as long as they can maintain this tradition of excellence. Special thanks to SH Neoh also for his/her rapidquick reply in solving my queries. "Jo @

More testimonials →


Domain Life-Cycle

  • Have You Renewed Your Domain?

    The lifecycle of a domain name service is divided into five stages upon your successful domain registration and purchase. The diagram here represents the domain life-cycle for easier understanding.

  • Active Domain Phase

    After the purchase of your domain name, you will receive an email indicating the successful registration and purchase of said domain name. This means that the domain name now rightfully belongs to you.
    Domain Status: ACTIVE

  • Domain De-Activated Phase

    This phase refers to the deactivation of your domain name. Your domain name will be de-activated by the domain registrar upon expiry of the domain name in question.
    Grace Period: 30 days

  • Domain Redemption Period Phase

    To reactivate your domain name, a domain reactivation price will be charged. The Domain Reactivation Price is thus calculated as the Domain Renewal Fee + Domain Redemption Fee (USD250.00)
    Grace Period: 40 days

  • Pending Delete Domain Phase

    During the event of a domain name pending deletion, your site visitors will be redirected to the registrar default DNS Page.
    Domain Status: PENDINGDELETE
    Grace Period: 5 days

  • Available For Registration Phase

    The domain name in question is now re-open to public for registration.
    Anyone can register for this domain name on a first come first serve basis.

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