Windows VPS Hosting

What Is Windows VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Server or Virtual Dedicated Server – also knows as  VPS or VDS is a type of hosting with features of a dedicated server with pricing that is cost effective.

A VPS server powered by Windows operating system is a Windows VPS.

Important Features of Windows VPS 

1. Extraordinary Fast Performance

Choose a Window VPS server that can offer you blazingly fast and an extraordinary performance for your system.

The best windows VPS provider allows you to experience increased installation performance for more than 50% besides enabling your system to work twice as faster than before.

The fast performance will boost customer trust and confidence.

2. Complete Control

Having a complete control over the system will enable you to get the best out of both worlds because you can add services almost instantly, and the VPS Windows server will be up in an instant after setup is completed.

With this, you can now choose whatever software that you desire and install them without experiencing any hassle along the way.

3. Easy Remote Management

VPS Windows allows you to manage everything remotely on a dashboard. Regardless of where you are, you can still manage with confidence because everything is under your control, and you can manage the system easily without any problem.

4. High-Performance Processor

Get the best from your investment. With the high-performance processor, you will be getting the most when you host VPS Windows.

Experience fast-paced system performance with cutting-edge technology, and versatility and scalability of your server as you run your programs.

No more complaining about service degrade or slower system performance.

5. Great Support Guarantee

Your chosen VPS Windows hosting provider should offer customer support via online chat besides allowing you to reach them by email. You should be able to give them a call shall you need any guidance or assistance.

So here you go, the important things to focus on when looking for the right Windows VPS hosting in Singapore. Choosing the right Windows VPS provider can impact your business tremendously.

5 Consideration Before Going for Windows VPS

Virtual private server VPS

  • Price is one of the major factors to consider when choosing for Linux or Windows. The subscription fees for Microsoft products should be taken into consideration when outlining the hosting budget. Open-source nature of Linux welcomes users to develop all kinds of plugins and tools to make the OS better. 
  • Threats and malware attack risks are more with Windows operating systems considering its proprietary nature. However with Linux being an open source system, it is less immune to cyberattacks considering that its open source architecture allows the code to be reviewed by several people, who quickly spot bugs and put together patches.
  • System updates are easier with Linux VPS hosting as against VPS Windows where there is a requirement for a restart after major updates.
  • Server performance depends on several different factors, of which system heaviness plays an important role. Windows is relatively heavy compared to its competitors.
  • Choosing slightly more powerful VPS can help with website’s loading speedsIn the event of a traffic spike, however, the server may find itself struggling to keep the performance at a decent level with the more resource-intensive OS.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Windows VPS Hosting

  • Most of the desktop and laptops run on Windows.  The familiarity seen with the identifiable graphic interface makes it easier for most to connect with the Windows VPS hosting.
  • VPS Windows servers are more popular in big companies where there are multiple users connected to the same network, need instant access to the same assets and services.
  • When we host VPS Windows, networks come with Active Directory- a directory service that helps in business environments. It’s responsible for authentication and access control in a corporate network.
  • Windows Server’s feature of push policies to groups and individuals is an efficient way of boosting employee productivity and improving the security of the entire network.
  • Windows server is highly versatile and can adapt to several tools and applications.
  • Comes with reliable technical support, stable performance and familiar interface. In case of an issue with the operating system or if struggling with a particular task, one can connect with the team for query resolution.

Being the best Windows VPS hosting in Singapore, Exabytes also assists its clients with necessary tips, tutorials, and videos in one centralized knowledge base.

Exabytes is a leading player in VPS Windows in Singapore with 24x7x365 support for the users to resolve their technical issues.

How to Consider when Choosing Windows VPS Hosting Plan 

server room

1. The size of the resources

A larger size of project requires a larger size of resources to ensure the server works smoothly.

If the project is expected to be enlarged in the future, kindly put in the consideration to choose a larger RAM, ROM and CPU.

2. The choice of OS

A VPS server can be configured with windows as well as Linux as an operating system.  A Linux VPS server hosting plan will be slightly cheaper to a Windows VPS plan.

This is because a Linux OS is free of cost while a VPS windows plan comes with an added cost of the windows OS.

There are various plans for cheap Windows VPS hosting in Asia and Linux VPS hosting plans to be chosen.

3. The backend of operations management

There are two types of VPS hosting which is managed and unmanaged. You can consider using an unmanaged VPS when you are acquiring the technical skill to handle backend operations.

An unmanaged VPS is cheaper, but the work of technical support and server maintenance falls on the customer.

A managed VPS comes at a slightly higher cost. However, the additional cost is worth all the support and maintenance work taken care of by the hosting provider.

Do Windows VPS come with the same advantages as Linux VPS?

Linux and Windows VPS solutions are built similarly and exist on the same physical server.

One gets guaranteed set of resources and a dedicated IP at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server solution. VPS server enables the businesses to scale the website and the space on the server.

Why are Windows VPS plans more expensive than the Linux alternatives?

VPS Windows is a proprietary operating system developed by Microsoft and using it is going to cost you money.

In contrast, the most popular Linux distributions for servers are open-source and completely free to use.

As a result, Linux hosting is cost-effective for the hosting company and subsequently – for the users.

Can Windows servers host websites?

Microsoft has its own web server software (called Internet Information Services or IIS) as a part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Windows can however not host websites that are built on PHP.

Searching for good online Windows VPS hosting in Singapore is a challenge considering the number of players and the information that’s put up on the website.


Exabytes offers amazing server hosting plans with customer support. Connect with our team now to learn more about the services and how you can use Windows VPS for your website.

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