Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting

When you are in the final stages of setting up your website, you will face an important decision to run a web server platform on either Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting.

Unless your hosting needs are simple, you will need to choose your preferred control panel to have more control over your website.

What is Linux Hosting

Since its development in the mid-1990s, the Linux operating system has reached a user-base across the world and has run most of the technology systems.

It is not only a platform to run desktops, servers, and embedded systems, but also one of the most reliable, secure, and user-friendly operating systems.

Its popularity is due to its open-source platform, which allows source code to be modified and redistributed freely. 

Linux hosting is popular among web hosting providers, web developers, web designers, and programmers.

It provides greater flexibility in customizing server capabilities, user options, and web designing.

However, it is also well received by small business and individuals.  Its affordability, capabilities, and a variety of easy-to-use applications are the reasons for their choice.

In terms of installation, Linux is the easiest to install among all the operating systems. You can run the operation system with a CD/ DVD or a flash drive without making commitments to the installation in your hard drive.

When you have decided to use it after trying it out, a simple double-click on the “Install” icon will lead you to the installation process. Installing applications on Linux is also easy and fuss-free. 

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What is Windows Hosting

The Windows Operating System was first released in 1985 by Microsoft. Unlike the open-space platform, Linux, the user access is denied user access from the Windows source code.

While developers have a certain level of flexibility on a Windows platform, they are not able to make any modifications at the standard level.

If you prefer programming languages such as Active Server Pages (ASP) .Net, require more control, and dislike cPanel, you can consider Windows Hosting.

Some of the benefits (to name a few) include seamless integration of Microsoft products to your site, stability and reliability as it is produced by Microsoft, and it is user-friendly.

It is easy to install additional software and applications. You can either download it directly onto your remote server, install from the CD/ DVD on your local computer, or from a remote ISO image. 

With those who love challenges, you can try configuring your server for the Windows web Hosting platform for your desired web experience.

What should I choose – Linux or Windows Hosting

Most of us make our decision based on the package specifications and features we like. However, you should consider making your choice based on your site’s requirements. 

Language Technology

If your site is running on Windows-specific language technologies such as ASP, .NET or other Microsoft software, it is ideal to get Windows Hosting.

Nonetheless, you can still run these technologies on Linux with compatibility migration. 

Content Management System (CMS)

Linux is the default server OS of your WordPress site CMS. As it runs on the same language WordPress is built on, you get to enjoy all the support you need.

You can still run your WordPress on Windows server but it can be challenging. Reach out to us if you need professional support on running WordPress on either OS. 


If your site is a personal website, blog, or eCommerce website, Linux Hosting will be ideal for you as it tends to be more affordable than Windows Hosting.

Since it is an open-source operating system, it can be installed for free of charge. Even the 3 key softwares needed to serve the website, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, are also free.

Additionally, Linux and its versions can be downloaded free, while Windows, a close source software, is on a paid subscription.

Linux Operating System and Windows Operating System are two of the most popular operating systems. Despite being in an ongoing age-old battle between the two operating systems, there is no ultimate answer as to which operating system is the ‘ best.’

It depends on several requirements and criteria you want to achieve. You may read this article by Cloud Academy for a more comprehensive comparison between the two.

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