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Businesses should be present wherever their clients are, especially when they require assistance.

Customers have also flocked to messaging and live chat apps in the last 12 months to make service requests.

In 2020, nearly one-third of customers messaged a business for the first time; 74% of them say they intend to do so again. Additionally, that expansion is dispersed across a number of pathways.

How Does Live Chat Support Work?

Customers can communicate with customer service representatives via live chat in text-based online interactions.

Businesses add live chat widgets to their websites so that consumers can ask inquiries and get responses right away.

Depending on the company’s choices or operating hours, live chat help can be provided by an AI or a human through a tiny live chat window.

Businesses can offer live chat help via their website or through SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other mobile messaging apps.

Why Would Businesses Want a Live Chat App for Website?

One may speak with clients when they feel most comfortable by adding live chat to the website. Customers who feel more comfortable tend to spend more money and stay longer.

Live chat app for website tools are as follows, provided that online chat software is set up within an adaptable, rapidly set up, and centralized workspace:

  • Scalable: One-to-many interactions enable agents to serve several customers simultaneously.
  • Quick: Self-service tools and automated processes let clients resolve straightforward problems.
  • Personal: Customers’ conversations with relatives and friends tend to flow more naturally when they have to do online chat with customer service representative.

Adding live chat to a company website is simple and quick to set up.

Using the online chat software to its full potential requires more than simply putting it in and starting to communicate.

It must be compatible with the staff, procedures, and equipment that the employees presently use.

Best Live Chat Tools For Websites To Improve Customer Experience (Live Chat Software Providers)

1. FreeChat

The FreeChat is a live chat app for websites that is free and requires no coding One can add live chat to the business website without having it load slowly.

Without having to rely on expensive software solutions, businesses can provide their clients with prompt replies and enhance customer retention with this free live chat software.

2. HubSpot’s Free Live Chat

hubspots free live chat

HubSpot’s CRM includes live chat software that enables incoming chats to be with clients’ contact accounts. Your team will be able to identify reoccurring client problems and present several solutions in this way. 

If businesses use HubSpot’s CRM, it is the ideal free live chat option; if not, you may sign up for free and put its customized live chat widget on your website.

3. Tidio Live Chat

Businesses may communicate with website visitors in real-time with Tidio’s live chat software.

Tidio, like HubSpot, allows you to build chatbots to automate your online chat communications. Other features include a single shared inbox and preset replies for rapid responses.

Tidio may be integrated with many other applications, such as Shopify, WordPress, and Wix. Tidio provides both a free plan and premium options. For micro and small businesses, its free plan works well since it enables:

  • just three live chat operators at most.
  • Unlimited online chat with 100 different visitors each month using chatbots.

4. live chat

Customers may contact businesses through any channel using the business messaging platform

Customers may message live chat on a business website or social network pages, live chat.

The business team has access to a 360° picture of your consumer base thanks to this live chat software.

One may learn more about each client profile by using real-time analytics, contact import, and omnichannel online chat history.

With the help of “Smart Replies,” a live chat AI tool in, one can direct a business chatbot’s responses to inquiries more quickly and tackle common problems.

5. is a free live chat software program that runs on business websites using a short JavaScript code snippet. It functions on the website, in the mobile app, or on a page that one may customize.

The team member who reacted to a client on live chat can be identified via real-time monitoring of consumer behavior. Other aspects of’s live chat software includes:

  • Localized live chat communication to converse in your mother tongue with overseas clients
  • offers iOS and Android apps so one can talk to consumers on the go.
  • Pre-written messages

6. Smartsupp

Smartsupp live chat

Smartsupp is a wonderful choice for multichannel management in one location. Businesses can answer their clients’ emails, chats, and Facebook messages all in one location by using this live chat software.

To speak with customers while on the road, this live chat app is also available as a mobile app. People like that Smartsupp offers a drag-and-drop file-sharing tool that enables transmitting a photo or document.

Additionally, it includes a chatbot that can communicate with consumers in a tailored way. The video recording capability of Smartsupp, which captures visitor actions, is another standout feature.

Both premium and perpetually free options are available. The free package includes:

  • 3 agents (live chat agents are the customer service team employees who answer chats.)
  • infinitely many webpages
  • three bots
  • each essential component

7. Crisp.Chat

The live chat application, Crisp.Chat combines any channel businesses use with its shared inbox feature. One may create GIFs and video samples, share files, or even chatbot scenarios.

Additionally, Crisp live chat enables businesses to link their live chat with Twitter and Messenger.

The fact that they provide a function called CrispyBird, a game to keep your clients entertained while they wait for your response.

In addition to these functions, LiveTranslate may instantly translate the communications.

There are free and commercial versions of this live chat program. For personal websites and anybody who needs a straightforward live chat to interact with consumers, the forever free subscription is the perfect option.

It includes:

  • 2 seats
  • group inbox
  • mobile applications

How much value one may derive from live chat software depends on a variety of factors, including the company model, rivals, clients, governments, and a whole host of other factors.

Live chat apps for website help on websites significantly increase the credibility of your business.

If businesses want to get live chat software for their websites, Exabytes offers Freshworks live chat software, which is fast and reliable live chat software for your website.

Contact us to know more.

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