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In 2021, messaging apps had a user base of over three billion, making them one of the most widely used app categories.

According to Statista – WhatsApp Messenger had two billion monthly active users as of January 2022.

Two systems dominate mobile communication apps for the majority of people: Facebook and WhatsApp.

Over 2.5 billion individuals worldwide use one of these two platforms, and in some areas, the two applications account for more than 90% of the market share.

Professional communication apps, often known as team communication apps since people may use them outside of a business context, have taken the lead as the standard for intra-office communication after slack.

Many communication applications combine message apps with immediate business chat apps services to act as a hub for cooperation.

As a consequence, there are now businesses starting to use plugins on their business website to redirect online chat where customers may talk or ask questions, both synchronously and in real-time.

The finest productivity messaging apps are those that make it easy to follow discussions, foster better cooperation, and support organizational culture.

Business messaging apps like Freshworks provides a number of benefits, and they go beyond slack and team messaging applications to include Facebook, WhatsApp, and website live chat features that let customers communicate with customer support representatives directly.

Here are a few business messaging apps:

The availability of hundreds of messages apps has made connecting with friends and family easier than ever.

There are now various communication apps to communicate with people and spend quality time with loved ones even when they are far apart.

Whether coworkers need assistance when another employee is on leave or someone simply wants to reconnect with an old high school friend, it is now possible because of online chat apps.


LINE chat appsThe Line, the online chat app, aims to transform communication by bringing friends and family closer together on a global scale.

As a messages app, LINE provides over 10,000 emoticons and stickers to express feelings while allowing people to send private or group SMS to their loved ones.

In addition to free texting, Line lets you have free international phone calls and video chats from anywhere.

It is also helpful for business chat apps like Freshworks. With the Freshworks plugin, potential prospects can do a direct online chat with customer care.

Facebook Messenger

One of the easiest-to-use online chat applications available, it is the undisputed leader in social networking services.

Their Messenger software helps people know if their messages have been delivered and when they have been read.

It is a very helpful online chat app that helps businesses manage their customer service along with the Freshchat plugin, businesses can redirect the online chat with their customers.


Team communications are given a calming touch with Twist by Doist. Teams with members in different time zones will benefit greatly from this online chat app.


The preferred social media communication app for Singaporean company owners is LinkedIn.

Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the topics, trends, and news affecting your sector. Develop your network. One can also find prospects on this business chat app.

Zoho Cliq

The affordable Zoho Cliq allows you to view many channels in one window and incorporates many of the greatest features of business communication apps like Slack, although it might provide more flexible customization choices.

Google Chat

Just by itself, Google Chat isn’t attractive enough to justify creating a Google Workspace account for your team communication app requirements, but it’s enough for rapid conversation if you’re already invested in Workspace.

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skype live chat

Due to its dependability and user-friendly interface, Skype, one of the early adopters of social networking and modern messages apps, is still quite popular.

Skype online chat app, offers voice and video messaging along with instant messaging, call forwarding, contact list filtering, file sharing, calendar events, photo and location sharing, and calendar events.

It is well-known for its commitment to its user base and for providing reliable resources for effective communication, whether it be family- or work-related.

Whatsapp Business

The WhatsApp Business messages app is often used for business interactions in Singapore. For small business owners, this is a very rapid and practical method of getting in touch with outside suppliers, such as customers or business contacts.

Businesses can install plugins like Freshworks on their website and directly connect with their customers for online chat.

It is a very helpful business chat app for businesses to connect with customers.

Zoom, Slack, and Teams: Collaboration

Apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom are all excellent communication apps for assuring rapid and easy communication and openness of information for internal meetings.

These business chat app tools are being used more often now that many companies are embracing remote or flexible work options.

Business-to-business meetings are increasingly frequently held online and are accessible from anywhere using these mobile communication apps.

These business chat apps are very helpful in business meetings. From sharing documents to giving presentations to potential prospects, these communication apps help businesses to scale up.

Apple Business Chat

Through this business chat app, clients may communicate with a business using Apple Business Chat.

To handle consumer inquiries through the business chat app, businesses work with a Messaging Service Provider (MSP) like Exabytes and install the Freshworks plugin on their websites.



Exabytes offers a Freshworks online chat tool for a business website in Singapore.

Websites with online chat are not only better positioned to draw in clients and provide them with real-time customer service, but they also keep one step ahead of the competition.

Live chat websites may provide individualized customer service like Freshworks and improved brand connection, which helps them stand out from the competition.


Small business management is challenging. But fortunately, there are several online chat tools like Freshworks available to assist you in staying on top of things, which makes it easier for you to manage and comprehend your organization.

If businesses want to be on top and one step ahead of their competitors, they can get Exabytes Live Chat Software for business websites and enjoy a fast and reliable online chat.

It is a solution for growth and provides customer satisfaction.

To find out more, contact an Exabytes Professional now.

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