Top 5 eCommerce Sites in Singapore

Online shopping is the trending shopping method in Singapore in 2021. Therefore, many businesses are having their own eCommerce sites to sell their products or services online. Today, we will discuss some local eCommerce websites in Singapore that are selling their own products/ services online. All the websites below are in different industries, and they are not eCommerce platforms/marketplace, but only eCommerce websites that purely focus on their own branding.


MEGAX is a clothing, accessories and lifestyle items shop. It focuses on a niche market as their main features in store are selling indie brands products, which are rarely found in the market. All the products designed in this store are special and unique, there are various items for the audience to shop as well. This website objective is to provide indie arts a place to showcase their design and products.


BooksActually is a bookstore that sells most of the books that you can’t find in other bookstores. They have a rare collection of books that are ready to sell such as critical work, out-of-print titles, and obscure writing. Besides, they also sell some side products like book clutches, tote bags, stationery and more. This website is having a niche audience, all their books will display without the author and pricing, but only the covers of books. And the rules applied to all purchases, as goods once sold not refundable.


VisualMass is a website that sells various eye-wear. The website is attractive for shoppers as they have more than 500+ types of stylist eye-wear and multiple color selection for each as well. You also can enjoy many benefits when purchasing from them, such as free 30-day exchange, free eye test, and else. The objective of this website founders is to let everyone get good quality and good looking eyewear that does not cost an arm and a leg. 


Exabytes is started as a hosting provider website, slowly they expand their products line by adding website design, build eCommerce website, marketing solution and more. They are a customer oriented company which has quick customer support and solved their customers issues, as they are in the service provider industry. The objective of Exabytes will be help everyone to grow their business online.


Razer is a paradise for every gamers. They are selling IT products and specialise in the computer gaming industry. Their main products have gaming mice, gaming keyboard, gaming headsets and more. For the branding, the logo of Razer is the most recognized in the esports communities and gaming industry with the triple-headed snake trademark.


In brief, other than the top 5 above, there are still many great eCommerce sites in Singapore and the number are still increasing. If you are looking to build your own eCommerce sites, you might love this, How To Create An eCommerce Website In 4 Simple Steps.

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