How To Create An eCommerce Website

How To Create An eCommerce Website? 

2021 is a year in which many of us dream to kickstart our own online business. Indeed, starting an online business is really easy these days.

Even one without any technical knowledge can kick start an online store (comes with payment gateways, courier service integration, and many more). 

According to research, numerous advantages of eCommerce business manage to successfully attract the attention of both companies and customers.

However, before you get started, you must have a business idea and products. Once your business objectives are defined, you are ready to create an eCommerce website!  

Now as you can see, there are tons of options when it comes to eCommerce store creation services or eCommerce website builder tools.

This can be extremely confusing especially for newcomers.  

So, how should you go about it? 

In this post, you will see why having Exabytes built it for you is much more affordable and efficient than doing it yourself.

Moreover, you save all the hassle of doing it on your own from scratch! 

The 4 simple steps to create an eCommerce website:

  1. Place your order.
  2. Fill out your store information in the form. 
  3. Our designers start building your online store. 
  4. Your Online Store Goes Live! (upon your confirmation)

FAQs about eCommerce website

Q: Will I get full control of my eCommerce website?

A: Yes, you will get full control of your eCommerce website including website editing, managing products, fulfilling orders and much more.

Q: How many products can I upload to my eCommerce website?

A: We upload 6 products for you. You can self-upload (with guidance) up to 994 products. Which means a total 1000 products can be uploaded.

Q: After my eCommerce website is ready, can I update my eCommerce store by myself?

A: Yes, we will provide the eCommerce website admin access to clients, which allows you to edit page content, add in products yourself, manage your orders and perform other update activities.

However, other types of self-update are not permitted. If the client insists on performing other types of updates, Exabytes will not be held responsible for any complication or failure that occurs as a result of the update.

Lastly.. How much does it cost?

It’s Only S$25/month + S$200 one-time setup fee, and you can start selling using your own Online Store in 3 days (complete with payment gateways, courier service integration, and many more)!

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