Microsoft 365 tips and tricks

According to Microsoft, on an average, a small firm may save time spent on decision-making by 17% on storing and maintaining essential organizational documents in a trustworthy, central place in the cloud workspace like Microsoft 365.’

Microsoft 365, a productivity package that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, and Outlook, is used by millions of consumers and organizations.

Microsoft 365 or known as Microsoft’s Office App, the cloud-based version of Microsoft, combines best-in-class programs with device management, next-generation security, and robust cloud services.

Let’s Get to Know 25 Favorite Microsoft 365 tips and tricks to make the most of Microsoft 365 subscription.

#1 Use Microsoft 365 productivity applications on any device.

Encourage staff to utilize Microsoft 365 apps on their mobile devices and tablets to edit documents, see graphics, and watch presentations while on the move.

Teams in the organization can stay connected at all times with the help of Microsoft 365.

#2 Keep in sync

Using Microsoft 365 with SharePoint ensures everyone working on a document is on same platform, and no updates are missed out, thus  ensuring the final version is consistent and no revisions are missed.

#3 SharePoint’s Alert Me feature

Microsoft Sharepoint

When employees enable SharePoint’s Alert Me feature, they are automatically emailed or texted whenever a Microsoft 365 file or library is modified, thus increasing the file accessibility across all staff members’ devices.

#4 Deactivate old accounts

Management must accept responsibility of deleting or deactivating the Microsoft 365 accounts of former employees, customers, and vendors to protect firm documents from unwanted access.

#5 Modify Microsoft 365 Subscription

Keeping track of the Microsoft 365 subscription is an essential component of the management team.

One can easily transfer an employee’s Microsoft 365 subscription to the new employee too.

#6 Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft 365 has a list of Excel keyword shortcuts that might be valuable time savers for Excel users. Shortcuts may be really useful.

#7 Recall an email after sending it

In Microsoft 365, navigate to the sent folder to retrieve an incorrectly sent email. Choose the move option and then press the action button.

Select the Recall This Message option.

#8 Spend no money on a template

Microsoft 365 SharePoint makes it so simple to design a template based on an employee’s requirements. These templates are pre-built and tailored to meet a specific business purpose.

#9 Protect critical data using expiration links and passwords

In Microsoft 365, an expiration link allows employees to add a date and time to the link they are sharing, implying that the link will no longer be available after that time.

#10 Save attachments to OneDrive quickly

Microsoft OneDrive

Employees may quickly download email attachments straight to Microsoft OneDrive than on the desktop with the help of Microsoft 365 function to save time and make it simple to determine where the files are kept.

#11 Connectors can help employees stay updated

Microsoft 365 connectors bring employees up to speed on commonly used programs that aren’t integrated to deliver the information to employees in accordance with the most recent update. 

#12 Don’t go overboard with permissions

When providing Microsoft 365 permission to new employees, it I important that an employee should only be given the access necessary to do the task.

#13 Make employees’ data visual

Different people like to read material in various formats. Big data can be difficult to navigate for certain people for which graphs can assist.

Employees may utilize data bar in Microsoft 365 Excel to graphically represent data.

#14 Freeze panes

This tool allows Employees to retain rows at the top of Microsoft Excel page while they navigate through it, thus preventing them from losing track of the row that’s supposed to be looked after

#15 Utilize the Status Bar

Employees highlight a range of numbers and these numbers are displayed at the bottom of their Microsoft 365 Excel spreadsheet by the status bar.

#16 Convert a Microsoft 365 OneNote note to a calendar entry

Microsoft 365 OneNote lists is easily converted into a series of calendar tasks, complete with deadlines and reminder notifications.

#17 Never miss a meeting again

Office 365 (Microsoft 365) tips and techniques go beyond document organization, with appointments, emails, and contacts all synchronized with Exchange Online. 

#18 Enhanced performance that is quicker

Microsoft 365 Calendars is synchronized across employees’ devices while Outlook is operating. 

Also, move shared calendars that are rarely used to the Other Calendars folder to optimize efficiency.

#19 Stop relying on emails and instead use Teams.

Google Team

Employees can quickly post and forward emails to Microsoft Teams for everyone by choosing the channel to which they wish to send the email. 

#20 Content bookmarking

Employees may save objects from posts using Microsoft 365 by hovering their cursor over an object to pick Flag.

When they need to see a stored item, go to their profile icon and choose Saved.

#21 Give the group chats a meaningful title

To make it easier to discover a chat in Microsoft 365, label each chat too see what others were saying.

Click pencil icon next to names of chat members and type in the appropriate title.

#22 Allow Microsoft 365 Teams to transcribe

Microsoft 365 Teams may not only record but also transcribe team meetings for employees. For this, open the recording and select Edit.

Select English as the Video Language, click Auto-generate a Caption File, and then Apply.

#23 Put the employee handbook on Microsoft 365 SharePoint

There are various advantages to converting the staff handbook to Microsoft 365 SharePoint files.

Not only will the company save money on printing, but the staff will be able to access information from any of their networked devices.

#24 Remember to utilize the countdown timer.

To add a countdown timer web component to Microsoft 365 SharePoint, employees can navigate to the page where they want the timer to appear, pick Edit, then the Plus sign, and finally the Countdown Timer symbol.

#25 Add a document to the website.

In just a few clicks, employees can embed documents right into the website or blog.

With Microsoft 365, it’s simple to share a presentation, document, or spreadsheet that they want website readers to be able to click and view on the website.

Microsoft 365 Suite may significantly enhance employees’ job efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness, as well as the quality of their work.

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