Microsoft 365 adoption for industries

Productivity is critical in business; being able to plan, collaborate, and communicate smoothly improves the effectiveness of any organization.

Access to productivity tools like Microsoft 365 that allow employees to execute their tasks more simply and from anywhere makes organizations more flexible and allows them to compete in their industry.

Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity package that includes products such as Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and others.

As Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based, the full-featured experience is available anywhere, on any device, as long as it is connected to the internet.

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Common Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Every Industries

Microsoft 365 Online Collaboration Tool

Here are a few Microsoft 365 common benefits for industries to adopt:

1. File Access from Anywhere with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 enables businesses to keep all of their information in the cloud.

This means they may be accessed from any device with an internet connection, from any place. 

Accessing all applications and files you need when away from office is important in organizations where mobile work is required.

2. Cloud Storage is Safe with Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is a completely safe environment with strong security mechanisms in place including features like two-factor authentication.

The Office 365 suite recognizes security risks and provides security against them instantly using threat detection and anti-malware.

This is especially important for organizations that handle sensitive data or information. 

You can run your business without worrying about security when you use Microsoft 365.

3. Boosted Return on Investment

Microsoft SharePoint

Cloud solutions aren’t new, but with Microsoft 365, you can have a one-stop shop for all of them.

Whether you’re a non-profit with a one-of-a-kind purpose or a business aiming to provide the finest customer experience, Microsoft 365 takes away the pain of managing day-to-day minutia.

Many organizations’ functionality, process automation, compliance, and security solutions may be consolidated into a single Microsoft 365 suite of fully integrated products.

The fully integrated Microsoft 365 solution may improve individual and organizational productivity at a lower cost with proper adoption and change management.

4. Encourage and Facilitate Innovation.

Every organization in the world aspires to be a place that encourages and facilitates innovation.

You can provide your teams with the tools they need to be more innovative by using a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Meetings are made more efficient with digital whiteboards and spaces for taking notes and recording interactions. Information is easily shared and remembered with Microsoft Office 365.

5. Continuity of Business

Using information kept in the Microsoft 365 cloud and frequently backed up, your company may continue to operate normally in the event of an office tragedy.

Your email, files, and data are safely kept in the Microsoft 365 cloud regardless of what happens to your physical devices.

Additionally, the exchange offers tools for recovery, enabling the recovery of specific emails or entire inboxes as needed.

If you take Microsoft 365 subscription you may do business as usual regardless of the circumstances.

Six Industries Should Implement Microsoft 365

Implementing Microsoft 365 in these industries: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Financial Services, Government, Retail, Energy and etc.

real estate industry

1. Manufacturing

Technology is more important than ever given the rise in remote employment, interruptions in the supply chain, and fluctuating demand levels. Manufacturing firms want resilience, efficiency, and visibility.

Now is the moment to invest in modernizing archaic business and technology processes with solutions that can be implemented quickly and have a clear ROI.

Microsoft 365 apps provide businesses with the tools they need to deliver stability to an ever-changing market while keeping your bottom line in mind.

2. Healthcare

healthcare sector

Recent revenue declines and rising COVID-19 costs, along with the need to address long-term structural concerns such as patient expectations and experiences, data security, properly anticipating prices, and onerous bureaucracy, have created a crisis in healthcare.

Microsoft 365 apps will swiftly transition you from an on-premises system of record to an agile, interconnected system of insight and engagement, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your patients.

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3. Financial Services

As traditional risk management and business continuity methods have grown antiquated, investment in new technology has taken center stage.

Utilize real-time insights to execute risk management effectively, update reporting for higher visibility for better cashflow management, and modernized IT infrastructure to save costs and improve productivity.

Microsoft 365 applications provide the tools you need for better automation, agility, and enhanced insights.

4. Government

The demand to update workplace technology has never been higher, with the requirement to handle uncertainty and promote flexible methods, engage people, and improve government services.

Allowing employees to work remotely, securing data, and increasing speed and efficiency are just a few of the current difficulties.

The Microsoft 365 subscription will move your offices into the contemporary era, increasing citizen trust and your capacity to fulfill your goals.

5. Retail

Infinity Core Success Story Interactive Games to Connect Consumers and Brands - Yale Smart Retail

The way people shop in recent times, has changed dramatically, especially in retail

The ability to increase supply chain operational efficiency has been and will continue to be a critical differentiator.

People begin to rethink retail when they know their consumers, empower their staff, and provide an intelligent supply chain.

The Microsoft 365 subscription offers the capabilities you need to predict and respond to future market shifts and disruptions while also unlocking new value-creation opportunities.

6. Energy

Supply chain disruptions and market uncertainty underscore the need to expedite innovation and boost agility in order to remain competitive.

With fewer resources to develop, energy businesses must become more efficient and thoughtful with their limited resources.

You may boost operational efficiencies, utilize financial resources, and improve productivity by strategically using Microsoft 365 technologies.

4 Types of Businesses That Should Use Microsoft 365

Singapore Businesses

  • Companies who are dissatisfied with their exchange servers
  • Businesses seeking to reclaim resources
  • Businesses who want to avoid exchange upgrades
  • Companies that use remote employees or temporary employment

Microsoft 365 offers several advantages, ranging from increased productivity to more flexibility in all industries, as well a Microsoft 365 subscription comes with lower expenses and enhanced collaboration and communication. 

Microsoft 365 Products

Microsoft 365 enables businesses to create, collaborate and connect at all times on demand! 

Starting at S$8.63/user/month, Microsoft 365 is a cost efficient, affordable online collaboration tool for businesses to use and operate. 

Exabytes offers Microsoft 365 with 24x7x365 tech support which makes it a preferred MSP in Singapore.

To get Microsoft 365 for your business, contact us now!

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