website conversion infographic

Five Proven Ways to Improve Website Conversion Rate with SEO

1. Publish fresh, authentic content and aim for ‘on topic’ backlinks

The quality of content on your website makes a big difference in all this, credible websites is crucial for SEO.

2. Use Entry Page ‘Scent’

Maintain a strong connection between the search result and the landing page. It determines whether a user will convert or leave (bounce rate).

3. Give Enhanced Product Images

It is important to make your products come alive through excellent photography and graphics. Images let your products shine and encourage conversions.

4. Outrank Your Competition with Long-Tail Keyword

Scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the “Searches related to…” for that keyword. Usually you’ll get a mix of close variations of your main keyword.

5. Use Crawlable URL Structure

A searchable URL structure makes it easy for the search engine to find your website and know what it’s offering to the consumers.