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In 2020, 100 million participants use Google Meet daily, which translates to a 300% growth compared to pre-pandemic levels based on a study available online.

With multiple meetings happening, sometimes it becomes hard for a person to recall every call.

To fix this, Google Workspace meet offers a Google meet recording option that lets one save the entire conference in an MP4 file which can be revisited later.

The feature of recording Google Meet video calls is a helpful feature for both businesses and individuals. If a colleague couldn’t make it to a meeting or requires to revisit a point of discussion to prepare notes, or if a student misses’ class, they can revisit the recording.

If you are wondering how to record Google Meet conferences on a desktop or mobile device, we have got you covered!

While the Google Meet platform allows recording any meeting, there is a catch. Only users with Google Workspace accounts or meeting hosts can use their recording feature.

Planning to use this video conferencing app, here are some handy tips that can help you understand how to use the Google Meet recording option on the desktop and mobile devices.

How to Record Google Meet Call on a Desktop as a Participant?

Record google meet

Recording within the app will save the meeting directly to Google Drive. It is easy but the catch is one needs to get permission from the meeting host first.

Once the meeting host grants permission, follow the below steps for recording a Google Meet conference:

  • Open Google Meet from a desktop or laptop and join the meeting
  • Look for the three-dot icon on the extreme bottom of the screen and click on it, a pop-up menu will open
  • The record meeting option will be available in the pop-up menu, this option will only appear after the host has enabled it
  • A legal disclaimer will show up and once it is accepted Google Meet recording will start
  • Once the recording is successfully started, a record indicator will appear in the upper left corner
  • For ending the recording, click on the same three-dot icon and select stop recording

This way one can successfully record a Google Meet conference as a participant, now let us have a look at how can an admin allow participants to record Google meet calls.

How to Grant Permission for Recording Google Meet Calls?

Only Google Workspace admins can permit the participants to record google meet video calls.

If one has a regular Gmail account, then the recording option will not be visible. For Google Workspace or formerly known G-Suite admins, follow the below steps to allow other participants to record Google meet call:

  • Visit and sign in using Google Workspace credentials
  • After successful verification of credentials, the respective google workspace account’s admin will be redirected to the admin console home page
  • Go to Apps -> Google Workspace -> Google Meet Click on Meet video settings and choose Recording
  • Check the ‘Let people record their meetings’ box to enable recording
  • Click on save to apply changes

Once the above procedure is completed participants will be able to record google meet calls after agreeing to the legal disclaimer and to confirm recording is started google meet will show a record indicator on the screen to all participants in the meeting.

How to Share a Recorded Google Meet From Google Drive

download google meet recording

  • Select the respective file in Google Drive and click the share icon on the top-right of the screen
  • Enter the name or email addresses of the people to whom Google Meet recordings need to be shared and click on send
  • Alternatively, select the file in Google drive, then click the link icon at the top-right screen
  • Copy the link and paste it into an email, chat, or text message

How to Record Google Meet Call on a Mobile Device for Free

If anyone is using the Google Meet application on Android or iOS smartphones, they can easily record the meeting using the built-in screen recording option.

This feature is available on iPhones and the majority of android smartphones. Follow the below steps to record from a mobile device:

  • Open the google meet application and join the meeting if one wishes to record
  • Swipe down from the top to access the notification panel on an Android smartphone and choose the screen recorder option from the menu. If a screen recorder in-built tool is not available in Android smartphones, then third-party applications like DU Screen Recorder or XRecorder can be used
  • In the case of the iPhone, one can simply swipe down from the corner to access the control center and click on the screen recording option
  • Once completed, simply stop screen recording on a mobile device and the Google meet video call will be recorded and saved in the mobile device storage

How to Record Google Meet Call on Mac

It’s easy and convenient to record Google Meet recordings on a Mac compared to a PC because Macs let one start recording with just a few taps of the keyboard.

Modern Mac systems come with native recording programs one can start using to record a Google Meet called.

Follow the below steps to record Meet meetings on the Mac system:

  • Press and hold Command + Shift + 5 keys on the keyboard
  • Choose to record your full screen, single window, or just a portion of the screen
  • Mac system will start recording after the selection is made
  • Once the Google Meet conference is ended, click Stop, and a thumbnail of the recording will appear on the screen. Click on the thumbnail to select the location where the recording should be saved.

Google Workspace including the Google Meet application seamlessly integrates all online collaboration tools, like email, chat, voice, video calls, documents, storage, security tools, and admin controls, so you can create, connect, and collaborate easily and securely wherever you are.

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