Google Calendar on Desktop & Mobile Devices

Google Calendar is one of the effective time-management and scheduling calendar tools utilized for the management events, appointments, and tasks, as well as share their calendar with others.

According to a recent study, over 70% of adults make use of a digital calendar to manage their lives. Businesses are inclined towards Google Calendar services due to their enhanced application in various functions. 

Sharing calendar has become an effective method for better organization of business operations.

It also aids in managing members of a company through proper allotment of tasks and fulfillment of the same. 

What is a Google Calendar? 

Stay productivity with Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a scheduling service that helps with effective time management. It assists in arranging meetings and events, acting as reminders for future tasks.

According to AskYourTargetMarket’s latest survey, Google Calendar was named as the most popular calendar app.

Setting up and scheduling events on Google Calendar may prompt the question of how to add a calendar. It can be customized and shared with different access rights based on specific needs.

Businesses can effectively use Google Calendar to schedule meetings and share them with others.

It also integrates well with other Google services to facilitate various functions. Google Workspace can improve business productivity through its advanced tools and latest features.

It provides functions like file security and easy collaboration, allowing businesses to connect, create, and collaborate effortlessly.

5 Significant Google Calendar Features 

Businesses utilize Google Calendar for scheduling events, setting reminders, and so on based on varying business functions.

Google Calendar is utilized for executives as well as managers in an organization to better manage deliverables and stay up to date on the requirements. 

It is important to know how to add a calendar to Google Calendar to further understand the mechanism involved in sharing the same. The significant features of google calendar are the following: 

1. Schedule view

One of the unique features of google calendar is that it helps to see your schedule along with your co-workers, in the schedule view. It is utilized by businesses, especially in google workspace, where the availability of the person can be easily identified. 

2. Add attachments

One of the common issues which come up during business meetings is the requirements for the relevant document used as a reference. 

This issue is resolved through google calendar, in which there is a feature to add attachments.

This feature of google calendar helps to attach the document directly to the event, which can be referred to easily during the meeting. 

3. Add a meeting location.

Google Calendar can be integrated with google maps to add meeting locations and send invites by utilizing this feature.

It is one of the most effective features facilitating businesses to know the location and carry out functions without any obstructions. 

4. Sharing calendar with others

Businesses utilize the sharing feature in google calendar for better arrangement and time management.

Meetings, conferences, etc., can be easily scheduled by sharing the Google Calendar with other company members. This is one of the effective tools which is highly beneficial for businesses and companies. 

5. Track time using a world clock

The scheduling tools used in Google Calendar help to find the time when people are busy or available. There can arise an issue with this feature when international companies are involved in various functions. 

The difference in timings of countries can be seen through the world clock available in Google Calendar. It helps to identify the time suitable for businesses and schedule meetings and other activities accordingly. 

Step-by-step Guide for Sharing Google Calendar 

Google Calendar Setting

Sharing your Google Calendar is easy and can be done from either your desktop or mobile device, depending on your needs. The step-by-step process allows you to choose whether to grant control access or simply share the calendar without editing capabilities.

You can share your calendar publicly or with specific individuals, depending on the intended purpose. This high-performance feature helps streamline business activities and promotes efficient collaboration.

To share your Google Calendar using either desktop or mobile, follow these simple steps:

For Desktop

Due to its multiple steps, companies and businesses wonder how to share google calendar with all contacts and individual contacts. On a desktop, sharing Google Calendar through simple steps separately for all contacts and specific ones is possible.

The steps involved in sharing google calendar on a desktop are the following: 

  • Open google calendar and choose the section “My calendars,” which is seen on the left side. 
  • Choose the three dots symbol seen near the google calendar in display and select settings. 
  • The sharing option will appear on the screen. 

For Mobile 

The web browser on the mobile is used to share Google Calendar, similar to the function on the desktop.

The steps to be followed while sharing a Google Calendar on a mobile are given below: 

  • Open Google Calendar using the browser on the mobile. 
  • Click on the arrow which is near the calendar in the section of “My calendars,” which is visible on the left side. 
  • Choose the option “share this calendar,” which comes up on the screen. 

On mobile and desktop, various options or features are provided to share the google calendar at your convenience. Access to Google Calendar can be given using the features available on the desktop and mobile. 

Google Calendar can be viewed by those who have been given access or permission to view the details of the same.

The option “share with specific people” can be used while sharing content which prevents it from being seen by the public.

The option which says “access permission for events” is used as per the need of the situation where the nature of the event is considered. 


Google Calendar is a highly effective mechanism that helps in carrying out business functions in the required manner. 

Businesses utilize digital calendar services to keep a check on different upcoming events involving them. Google Calendar is shared between the members of a company to reduce the burden of planning and scheduling different events. 

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