Increase Google Drive Storage Without Losing Data

According to a published research, Google Workspace completed 2021 with an amazing 3 billion subscribers and began 2022 with almost the same number.

The same goes for Google drive storage users, as it is part of Google Workspace.

Google Drive storage comes with 15 GB of free storage space. One may use this storage space for free to back up any Gmail attachments and images, as well as upload things from the computer’s hard drive that users wish to keep and share.

Have you ever asked yourself what the maximum capacity of Google Drive is and how to obtain unlimited storage when your current allowance is at its limit?

This guide will help you manage the space on your Google Drive. You’ll learn how to check the size of your Drive, clear up space, and even increase your storage. With these tips, you can keep all of your data safe & organized.

What Exactly Is Google Drive Storage?

google drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage system that allows one to save and share items such as Google Docs, Sheets, and photographs.

Real-time collaboration with peers enables simultaneous file editing, with changes instantaneously reflected in the Google Drive storage cloud.

This storage can hold large quantities of data and makes it easy for business users to access the information they need at work.

Although the Google Drive storage capacity limit is considerable and may accommodate a large number of files, users should be aware that it is shared throughout Google Drive Storage, Gmail, and Google Photos.

How to Check Your Google Drive Storage Limit

Are you running out of storage space on your Google Drive? If so, then it’s time to check your Google Drive Storage limit.

Checking your storage limit is an important step in understanding how much space you have available for storing your files and documents.

1. Check on Your Google Drive Storage Capacity

The amount of storage that has been used is displayed in the lower-left corner of your screen when you open your Google Drive. Click on “Storage” to view every file you presently have on the device.

2. Check Your Google Drive for Used Storage

Google Storage checking

Google offers customers a page called “Drive Storage.” You can see the amount of storage space utilised by your files, photos, Gmail, and Google Drive here.

How to Get More Free Google Drive Storage

Here are several strategies with specific procedures that one can use to optimize and increase Google Drive storage capacity without purchasing an additional subscription.

If the techniques to break the free Google Drive storage restriction are still insufficient, or if one does not want to compromise anything in the drive, one may use the bonus tip to gain more Gdrive upgrade in Google Drive beyond the original 15GB with Backup.

1# Free the picture storage space

As a matter of fact, every photo or video that is backed up to Google Photos in its original size will count against the Google Drive storage.

However, Google provides a Storage saver for users that reduces photographs to 16MP and films to 1080p.

2# Use Google’s proprietary file formats.

Google Drive storage has the advantage of allowing users to upload files in their original format without needing to modify them.

However, if one want to expand Google Drive storage for free, save documents in Google’s own file formats, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and so on, because Google provides free limitless storage for these types.

3# Add no shared files to the drive.

When others share Drive material with one, such content does not take up any of the Google Drive storage space until one choose to add it to the Google Drive storage.

In order to save space, avoid downloading shared files to Google Drive storage unless absolutely necessary.

4# Remove all junk from Google Drive storage.

When users delete files from Google Drive storage, they are not deleted permanently. It is sent to the trash, where they can amass.

They accumulate and waste the storage space over time. Make a point of going to the Trash and permanently deleting any files that you no longer require.

5# Remove any duplicate files stored in Google Drive storage.

When using Google Drive storage to save files, many copies may be created unintentionally, and these duplicate files may consume precious storage space.

So, the first thing to do is to search Google Drive storage for duplicate files. This can help one free up a significant quantity of space.

6# Keep an eye out for Google drive subscription prizes and promotions. (Bonus Tip)

How can I get more Google Drive storage for free? Google Drive occasionally offers free Google Drive storage, especially on important occasions.

For example, in 2016, Google rewarded customers who upgraded the security of their Google accounts with 2 GB of disk space.

How Can One Increase the Google Drive Storage Limit?

If the disk space is still insufficient after attempting the aforementioned alternatives, the Google Drive storage can be increased as follows:

1# GDrive Upgrade

Consider Gdrive upgrade to a premium account if one uses free Google Drive storage with a free Google account.

If one currently has a premium Google Drive subscription, one may upgrade to a higher version to get more storage capacity.

2# Increase the number of registered users

Capacity growth is not accessible for Business Standard or Business Plus customers; however, one can increase the number of user accounts to enhance the Google Drive storage.

If one subscribes to Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus, one can get unlimited Google Drive storage if one has five or more users.

3# Get Google Workspace for Business.

Google Workspace provides additional Google Drive storage choices as well as a number of cloud-based workplace applications.

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4# Gdrive upgrade from the Free to the Paid Version

Google Workspace features business email and an Admin Console for managing people and devices, which assists businesses in avoiding security issues. Google also provides customer assistance.

5# Upgrade to a More Powerful Google Drive subscription

Cloud Search and Google Vault are available for Business Standard and superior Gdrive upgrade versions. These features make Google Workspace more secure and user-friendly.

6# Google Workspace provides more Google Drive Storage

Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos all use Google Cloud storage. If one has a free account, the Google Drive storage limit is only 15 GB – users may need to frequently remove or alter the Google Photos storage settings to make better use of the drive’s capacity.

This might be inconvenient with a hectic schedule. Get Google Workspace subscription version to unlocks more Google Drive storage choices that best meets your business requirements.

Google Workspace Plans Storage Pricing
Business Starter 30 GB cloud storage per user S$7.12/user/mo
Business Standard 2 TB cloud storage per user, pooled S$14.03/user/mo
Business Plus 5 TB cloud storage per user, pooled S$24.83/user/mo

For more information: Google Workspace Pricing Plans

Having Google Drive storage is vital if the user has an online business, and when one acquires a Google Workspace account for the company, Gdrive upgrade storage is determined by the edition users choose.

If one wants to increase Google Drive storage without losing data, one can go for a Google Workspace subscription, which can be easily upgraded in Singapore with Exabytes services.

At Exabytes Singapore, Google Workspace plans are available from as low as S$7.12/user/month with a free domain and 50GB backup space for Google Workplace.

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