How to Make Google Featured Snippets

When do you ask how to make featured snippets on Google? The easiest answer you will get is to use the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

The featured snippets are highlighted passages of SERP text that show up at “Position 0” at the top of a Google search results page.

Getting rich snippets WordPress plugins are crucial if you routinely review things, since they increase the visibility of your content and increase traffic to your WordPress site.

Rich snippets can be helpful in increasing traffic to review pages by showing product star ratings directly on the SERP.

How to make featured snippets and what is a featured snippet in SEO?

Rich snippets are those attractive, well-organized search results that appear when you type in a certain company or keyword into Google.

A rich snippet can be shown on certain types of information or pages.

Featured snippets example
Example of featured snippet.

It can be challenging if you don’t know how to make featured snippets, though. Even the greatest content could not be eligible without rich snippets WordPress plugin for a rich snippet if the essential structured data is not present on the back end.

Use the rich snippets WordPress plugin to increase your chances. In order to start receiving rich snippets on SERPs, it will be easier with the aid of the rich snippets WordPress plugin to structure the essential data on the back end of your website.

What advantages do rich snippets WordPress plugin offer?

Since rich snippets are not a direct factor in organic search ranking, getting them won’t immediately affect your Google ranking.

However, they will aid Google in comprehending your material more effectively with the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

Your chances of receiving rich results and improving your search placement in organic results are higher with the more structured data you indicate on your website with the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

Test your own publicly accessible webpage to see which rich results can be generated!

Check Out Here: Rich Results Test

Following are the main advantages:

  • Increased visibility: Your snippets are eye-catching and you receive extra space in search results. These consist of pictures, critiques, videos, etc.
  • Quality: Use the rich snippets WordPress plugin, and Google will “understand” your website’s content better. As a result, your chances of getting even richer results from organic search results will be enhanced.
  • Increased conversions: Visitors who find what they are searching for read, download, inquire, and buy, etc. more frequently.

Get to know how to make featured snippets using All in One SEO

To show various highlighted snippets, Google employs the knowledge graph API and information.

You may use the unique vocabulary known as schema markup to provide search engines with extra information about your website and specific pages, or you can use the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

This used to be challenging for small businesses in the beginning since it required a lot of code.

But thanks to plugins like All in One SEO for WordPress, that isn’t the case anymore.

AIOSEO WordPress Plugin

Over 2 million websites utilize All in One SEO, the best WordPress SEO plugin available. The rich snippets WordPress plugin makes it simple to improve your website’s search engine rankings. support is added by AIOSEO automatically, assisting you in providing data for the Google Knowledge Graph.

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You may quickly add any form of schema markup you want with the Next-Gen Schema Generator.

Additionally, it offers complete WooCommerce SEO assistance, local SEO, image, news, and video optimization, among other things.

Installing and activating the All in One SEO for rich snippets WordPress plugin is the first step. You’ll be prompted to launch the setup wizard after activation.

The quickest approach to choosing the ideal SEO settings for your website is using this method.

The fundamental parameters for your website to show up in featured snippets are now established if you followed the rich snippets WordPress plugin setup procedure.

WordPress Posts and Pages Should Have SEO Schema Markup.

The appropriate Schema markup is automatically added by all in one SEO for your content. But if necessary, you may check and modify these settings with the All in one rich snippets WordPress plugin.

Simply navigate to the content types option on the all in one SEO » Search Appearance page. From here, you can access a list of all your post types.

To alter a post type’s default settings, click the “Schema Markup” link.

What if you choose not to alter the post’s schema type across the board? AIOSEO, however, also enables you to modify the schema markup for specific articles, pages, and post types.

Simply make the desired changes to the post or page, then scroll down to the AIOSEO Settings box that is located just below the post editor.

Click the “Generate Schema” button after selecting the “Schema” tab.

The schema catalog will then be shown, allowing you to choose the kind of schema you want to use. Select from a variety of schema kinds, including web page, product, job posting, FAQ, recipe, and course.

Businesses that use pages to sell products, whether or not they use an eCommerce plugin, will find this rich snippets WordPress plugin to be especially helpful.

How to make featured snippets appear?

Your initial step should be to examine your own set of keywords to determine how to make featured snippets appear and for which search queries. The Searchmetrics Suite is the tool of choice for this.

Using the rich snippets WordPress plugin makes sense, as it increases your SEO keywords and boosts your chances of securing Position 0 if you find that a large percentage of your keywords are highlighted using the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

To create better text or list snippets with high-quality information, remember to research the URLs associated with your rivals’ snippets.


Now you may have gotten an answer to how to make featured snippets, but the algorithm is constantly changing and delivering more complex results, and structured data will likely play a bigger role in the algorithm going forward.

Using rich snippets WordPress plugin is probably going to help your WordPress website in the long run.

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