WordPress is a platform that enables its users to build websites by themselves. You do not have to be good at coding in order to build an effective website.

In fact, WordPress provides everything you need in creating a website. That’s one of the reasons why WordPress is widely used by many to build websites for different purposes. 

We all know that building a WordPress site is not only about having a nice visual. Do you know whether your WordPress site is performing well?

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Indeed, site performance is very important for every site owner as it affects user experience, pageviews and website search ranking. Luckily, there are plugins that can help site owners optimise their websites. 

The speaker (Shu Hirasaka) of the webinar.
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The speaker (Ian Hung) of the webinar.

In this webinar, speakers Shu Hirasaka, Strategic Partner Development Manager (Web & Chrome) of Google and Ian Hung, Web Ecosystem Consultant of Google introduced and shared about Google Site Kit and Core Web Vitals and why these plugins are so useful.

From the valuable sharing, we learned how to use Google Site Kit to measure the performance of the website and how to optimise core web vitals to provide a better website experience. 

Let’s look at the key takeaways of this webinar.

1. Site Kit

Site Kit is a free Google plugin for WordPress, and WordPress site owners can directly install Site Kit from WordPress.

Site Kit allows site owners to easily access Google tools and get a quick summary of the key data of the website on one single page instead of opening different windows to check on different key data.

The Google tools that you can access with Site Kit include Search Console, Analytics, Adsense and Pagespeed Insight. 

2. Suitable for beginners and experienced users

Google Site Kit is for those who have just started running a website; those who do not have the experience in managing a website and those who do not know how to get the database.

Site Kit is very beginner-friendly and it helps include the key summary on one single page instantly. 

At the same time, Site Kit is also suitable for advanced or experienced users, such as web developers and agencies.

With Site Kit, they can quickly check on the summary of all the key data and create a report for their clients effectively. It saves time and effort and ensures the site performs well and is well maintained.  

3. Core Web Vitals 

Core Web Vitals is a user-centric performance metric initiated by Google to measure page experience.

Core Web Vitals focuses on measuring three different aspects of user experience such as the performance of a website including LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay) and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). 

4. Page Experience

Core web vitals is the metric that is built to measure the performance of a website, which is really important because page experience is one of the ranking factors. With this plugin, you can optimise your website core web vitals to improve page experience.

5. AMP plugin

AMP plugin is a tool that helps to optimise your overall website. It is definitely a recommended solution for WordPress site owners. 

a. Standard Mode

AMP plugins include standard mode — when you are using the theme that is highly compatible with AMP and you turn on the standard mode, it will help transform your overall website to AMP format.

This also means that it will help edit all the details on your website and accelerate your site. 

b. Transition Mode 

If some of the themes in your website are not compatible with AMP, the transition mode will help you extract those pages in your website that are compatible with AMP and turn them into the AMP version. However, the original non-AMP version will still remain.

This means that the transition mode helps accelerate part of your website without breaking your website. The transition mode is suitable for those who would like to optimise part of the website.

c. Reader Mode

Reader mode is mostly for bloggers or publishers, as this mode helps extract important components onto AMP plugins. The AMP page contains the title, image and content to provide a better viewing or reading experience.

This mode is for non-tech savvy people who use WordPress for blogging. They can use the Reader mode to build a simple and easy-to-read AMP version reader content and show it to website visitors. 

The Bottom Line 

Since Google is the search engine that is being widely used by most people around the world, it is a must for you to know how Google measures website performance and user experience.

Google provides Site Kit and Core Web Vitals to help site owners optimise their WordPress sites and grow their online presence. 

With the Site Kit plugin for WordPress sites, it is easier for the site owner to monitor the performance of the website, including measuring the different aspects of web performance.

In this webinar, the speakers also shared how AMP plugins can help in optimizing core web vitals and provide a better website experience for visitors. 

Keen to learn more about how Google supports WordPress sites? Watch the full video of this webinar and start optimising your WordPress Site with Google!

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