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Create a presence on Hong Kong Island with the HK domain. Since its introduction in 1990 during the British colonial period, the .hk extension has been a key to digital success. Now, after the 1997 handover to China, businesses have a dual-domain advantage – .hk and .cn domain.

This powerful combination allows for targeted communication with diverse audiences, which benefits companies like Asia Business Centre. This Hong Kong-based business services provider sets a great example by using AsiaBC.co for English content, AsiaBC.com.hk for traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), and AsiaBC.com.cn for simplified Chinese (mainland China).

By owning a .hk domain name, individuals and businesses can stand out, connect, and succeed in the competitive Chinese market.

Domains for Hong Kong: .hk, .com.hk, .net.hk, .org.hk

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What is .hk domain?

The Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Hong Kong is .hk. This domain is managed by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation (HKIRC), which is the exclusive organization authorized by the Hong Kong Government to oversee ‘hk’ domain names. The HKIRC, established in 2001, is a non-profit, member-based corporation without statutory powers.

The .hk domain serves as the virtual identity and representation for people, businesses, and organizations linked to the region. Globally recognized, .hk domains are a unique emblem of Hong Kong’s presence online. They have a broad range of applications, serving purposes from personal blogs and websites to business ventures and non-profit groups.

The .hk domain extension covers several subdomains tailored to specific needs, such as: com.hk, .net.hk, and org.hk.

What is com.hk for businesses?

When Chinese internet users browse online, they anticipate encountering website addresses with .HK domain names. .COM.HK serves as a secondary domain level for Hong Kong.

Since .COM domain names are globally renowned and familiar across languages and regions, .COM.HK becomes the logical option for Chinese individuals and businesses establishing an online identity.

Regardless of whether you’re a local in China, a small business proprietor, a tutor, or a sales expert, a .COM.HK domain name suits your needs. Having a .COM.HK domain enhances your ranking in local search outcomes and endears you to the local community.

What is a .net.hk domain?

Hong Kong, located within China, holds its distinct status as a nation. The .NET.HK extension is specifically designated for Internet Service Providers based in this region.

What is org.hk for non-profit organizations?

The .org.hk domain is a part of the larger .hk country code top-level domain (ccTLD) and is specifically designed for organizations in Hong Kong. This extension is reserved for non-profit groups, including NGOs, charities, and other socially-focused entities.

By using the .org.hk domain, these organizations can create a unique online presence that clearly signifies their non-profit nature and mission. This extension helps them stand out from businesses and highlights their dedication to community service and important causes.

Whether it’s a charity foundation, a community service group, or an advocacy organization, the .org.hk domain allows non-profits in Hong Kong to establish trust, credibility, and online connections with their intended audience.


Is It Worth Buying A .hk Domain?

Your domain plays a vital role in shaping your professional brand image. From individual traders to large companies, leaders opt for a .hk domain name to conduct business in Hong Kong.

This choice goes beyond just indicating their location. A .hk domain showcases their identity and garners support from both local residents and international investors. Moreover, it’s a means to establish authority. People tend to trust businesses using the .hk extension more than other alternatives.

Furthermore, by adopting the .hk domain extension, you enhance your search engine rankings, increasing website visibility and driving more revenue to your enterprise.


Advantages of having a localized domain extension for Hong Kong businesses

Domain Name Selection

1. Language Preference

Using a localized domain extension can also indicate a preferred language. For example, a “.hk” domain might suggest that the website is in either traditional Chinese or English, the dominant languages in Hong Kong.

2. Compliance and Regulations

Some places have specific rules for domain registration. Choosing a localized domain extension ensures that a business follows these rules and avoids potential legal problems.

3. Targeted Marketing

Businesses can utilize a localized domain extension to create marketing campaigns for a specific audience. This might involve special offers, events, or content tailored to the local market.

4. Networking Opportunities

A “.hk” domain can open networking doors within the local business community. It could help a business connect with other local companies, trade groups, and relevant partners.

5. It’s Memorable

A localized domain extension can make the website’s URL more memorable for local users. This can lead to more direct traffic as users easily remember and type in the domain.

6. Economic and Social Factors

Supporting local businesses and demonstrating commitment to the local economy can resonate well with consumers who prioritize buying from local companies.


What is the difference between .hk and com.hk?

The key distinction between .hk and .com.hk lies in their purposes and who can register them. The .hk domain is Hong Kong’s country code top-level domain (ccTLD), available for registration to people and entities based within Hong Kong.

Conversely, .com.hk is a second-level domain under .hk, exclusively designed for businesses and commercial entities operating in Hong Kong. It’s a subdomain mainly used by companies to establish an online presence related to their business activities within the region.

In summary, both domains are linked to Hong Kong, but .hk serves as the broader ccTLD for the area, while .com.hk is a more specific domain tailored for commercial purposes.


How do you register a .hk domain? 

You can directly register .hk domains if you’re a local or overseas individual or entity. However, .com.hk is restricted to commercial entities registered in Hong Kong. Hence, opting for the shorter and more direct registration of a .hk domain is recommended.

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In a Nutshell 

Don’t miss the wave of opportunity the HK domain offers on Hong Kong Island’s digital shore. Owning a piece of this virtual real estate is like setting up shop in the heart of the bustling Chinese market. 

As you consider whether to buy an HK domain, remember that it’s not just a name – it’s a strategic move. With a dual-domain advantage, you can effortlessly cater to both Hong Kong’s unique audience and mainland China’s thriving market.

So, whether you’re a startup or an established player, securing an HK domain could be your ticket to standing out and thriving in Hong Kong’s competitive arena.

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