Third Party SaaS backup solution

Cloud computing solutions have transformed ways of managing data, in more effective and efficient ways.

Most of the SaaS solutions are offering reliability and quality of service as integral to the service offerings.

In the SaaS applications, businesses are supported to manage their data over the SaaS backup solution applications.

While many of the SaaS service providers offer security features, safety measures managed from the user and business side are very important.

With Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and other SaaS solutions widely used among SMBs, it is important to understand the other critical inputs and reasons why third-party SaaS backup solutions for securing your data.

Limited Data Backup Solutions 

In the SaaS solutions offered by Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, there are some issues for businesses to focus upon.

Firstly, in any case of disaster recovery or backup systems activation with the SaaS service providers are responsible for managing the application-level data backup and offering the service without any interruption.

However, the backup is limited to the application and not to the user data in the systems.

Though the periodic data backup practice from the SaaS service providers takes place, it cannot assure the data backup on a real-time basis.

Even in Google Workspace, the settings and scope of data backup are limited.

For businesses, to make sure they have the right kind of systems in place, it is important to focus on SaaS backup selection for Google Workspace or other SaaS service provider applications.

Google Workspace Online Collaboration Tools

Limited Protection from User Level Risks 

One of the common and significant reasons highlighted for the business challenges is the limited protection for the user data loss resulting due to any challenges of user level risks.

In the SaaS services offered by service providers like Google Workspace, if any data is deleted by the user end by mistake or intentionally recovery of such data is very challenging.

Also, in the services like Google Workspace, the data deleted from the storage is managed over the trash files section default only for 30 days and automatically deleted from the SaaS backup.

If the users do not realize the missing content, in such instances, the user data is lost, unless there is some alternative backup.

When there is an appropriate range of cloud data backup for SaaS applications, it helps in improving the security features from any kind of intrusions.

Data Migration 

The other critical reason is the issues of data migration and service termination challenges.

Though the user experience with cloud service providers like Google Workspace is expected to be reasonable, any interruption in the service could lead to challenges.

In the recent past, post the Google Workspace service revisions, SMBs tried to migrate to other service providers. However, the challenges were about limitations in migrating the data in one go.

Google Workspace has fixed some default settings on how much bandwidth can be consumed by respective Google Workspace clients for the migration of data.

Thus, when the users are not able to migrate data in one go, the challenges are many for the businesses.

System Security and Data Protection 

cloud backup

Despite that Google Workspace solutions offer a seamless quality of services to customers, one of the challenging factors for SMBs is to manage the information security systems at the user-end.

Unless the systems are secured with robust firewall systems, and there is constant monitoring of systems used for accessing SaaS applications, the threat always exists.

In a business case scenario, if the users are using Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 desktop applications for storing the files, and if there is any malware threat in the system, the other files too might be corrupted, even in the Google Workspace storage.

Thus, to secure the systems, it is important to have proper SaaS backup solutions which can help SMBs manage their data in a resourceful manner.

Why do we need Cloud-Based SaaS Backup Solutions? 

Knowing the importance of data backup even for the SaaS applications, the further process is about the approach to the data backup.

It is paramount for SMBs to focus on a few of the options available for SaaS backup solutions.

One option for the users to manage the cloud backup solutions is to have some regular offline backup solutions.

However, the challenge in the offline options is about managing the data secured and the need for a periodical update.

But the issue with offline solutions is uncertainty, as the real-time data backup solutions are not real solutions.

Thus, considering the limitations and options for SaaS data backup solutions, the best choice suitable for SMBs is to focus on cloud-based SaaS backup solutions.

More often the cyber security service providers are offering cloud backup for the SaaS data like Google Workspace.

If the right kind of third-party cloud backup solutions for SaaS backup solution is chosen for the service, it can help in improving the overall backup process.

Some of the key features in general offered by the cloud-based SaaS data backup solutions are:

  • Customized backup settings for the user’s data from different SaaS service provider offerings like Google Workspace.
  • Scope for access and backup of the cloud data from Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 on a real-time basis.
  • Improvements to security features wherein the data backup is a complete support system in addition to the cyber security.

Unlike Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 offering limited responsibility for your business data backup, in the Cloud-Based data backup solutions for SaaS providers, the accountability is mainly for your data.

Ease of access to the backup data is the other key advantage.

When SMBs can get such holistic support with a good cloud data backup for SaaS, choosing reputed service providers like Acronis Cyber Protect is a sustainable choice.

With pricing as low as S$5.19/license/month and upto 10GB cloud backup storage, Acronis for Google Workspace is a fine example of how SaaS data backup solution is now within reach of every business.

Reach out to Exabytes Singapore to know more about the service offerings of SaaS data backup solution service offerings.

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