Acronis Cyber Protect vs. Malwarebytes
Acronis Cyber Protect vs. Malwarebytes

Cybersecurity threats are a menace that global businesses encounter in terms of managing information systems security.

Several cyberattacks are being reported across geographical locations and more specifically in Singapore. 

It is imminent that a very basic and simple cybersecurity protection tool or solution is not going to be of much help, and there is a need for more rigorous and effective solutions to address cyberattacks.

With an increased set of cloud hosting solutions, the cyber security practices of the service providers are significant.

However, the challenges facing such service providers and businesses are high in terms of holistic cybersecurity.

Thus, in this informative article, two premium solutions as Acronis Cyber Protect and Malwarebytes cyber security solutions are reviewed to understand their effectiveness, usefulness and how they might be a right fit solution for SMBs in Singapore. 

Acronis Cyber Protect

Acronis Cyber Protect unique integration capabilities

Acronis Cyber Protect has integrated service offerings, wherein the server maintenance and the client monitoring solutions are an integral package in the system. 

Focusing on cyber security for cloud hosting solutions, especially against cyber attack, the Acronis Cyber Protect solution is a unique integration system having the backup that constitutes a full-stack next-generation anti-malware protection and easy to use monitoring console as a dashboard. 

Thus, despite the complexities in the system fundamentals, the Acronis service quality is robust, and it helps the customers have better security solutions deployed for business management. 

A series of solution offerings from Acronis Cyber Protect helps the users manage cyber security protection for the systems in a more comprehensive set-up.

Some of the modern tools and techniques as depicted in the picture above refer to a wide range of service offerings from Acronis Cyber Protect as a cybersecurity challenge, more so when it comes to cyber attack

Acronis Cyber Protect – Significant Points For Review

Acronis Ransomware Protection

Auto-adjust patching, scanning, and backup to cyber security alarms, which is a new age solution required for managing the cloud hosting solutions, and even the node devices.

It is paramount that the cyber attack developments like the anti-ransomware is essential in the industry, and the challenges in terms of how the malware is attacking the systems be assessed by the firms and ensure there is more structured development.

From the industry reports related to cybersecurity, it is evident that the Acronis cloud protection solutions and Acronis protection for agents are regularly updated for the information security patches and malware libraries.

This means that cybersecurity systems are countering any kind of intrusion or malware attempts over the system’s network.

Malware attacks from hacker

Forensic back-up is the other comprehensive solution which is the value proposition in the Acronis backup solutions.

The forensic backup models provide necessary information to back up the systems promptly and have an investigation into any kind of breach-related attempts into the system.

It is paramount for SMBs to have a proper arrangement for system backup and the facility offered by Acronis backup is a significant solution and Acronis value proposition offered to its customers.

Continuous data protection services offered by the Acronis system is another comprehensive solution creating scores of benefits for the cloud hosting services, and information systems network.

Any disruption in data protection and backup can lead to disruptions in the business continuity process and the challenge of adhering to data compliance.

Acronis protection systems offering continuous data protection is a significant solution and help the customers have better process outcomes. 


Malwarebytes cybersecurity

The other modern and significant solution in the cybersecurity protection is Malwarebytes.

It is an essential security program promoted both for independent user systems and for enterprise servers.

Cyber attack is a common menace for both enterprise systems and the user node systems.

The key advantage of Malwarebytes is its lighter weight fast, and critical systems focusing on thwarting any intrusions, and malware attacks targeting the Malwarebytes installed systems.

Any kind of malware or ransomware challenges are handled well by Malwarebytes.

The cybersecurity systems from Malwarebytes are gaining prominence as antimalware and anti-ransomware solutions.

Regular updates to the Malwarebytes library systems are one of the intrinsic reasons why Malwarebytes as cybersecurity apparatus is so strong and can handle the task well.

The key advantage of Malwarebytes is its free scanning solutions, and economies of scale in deploying the premium versions of Malwarebytes.

Some of the comprehensive features integral to Malwarebytes as a systematic solution are 

Real-time protection is the key advantage.

Like Acronis Security and Acronis Backup, even Malwarebytes offers real-time protection systems, which are comprehensive, updated, and easy to install and manage over enterprise or independent systems. 

Any malicious files or programs identified in the system’s transactions are blocked, inspected, and automatically quarantined.

It helps in managing the running functions in cloud hosting systems and applications more effectively

Among the other critical strength of Malwarebytes is the anti-ransomware feature offered as an integral system for the cybersecurity process. 

Malwarebytes cyberthreats

Malwarebytes is quick and robust in detecting any ransom behavior like file encryption attempts, and it shall by default halt the process, and alert the system admins about suspicious developments.

It also helps as a defense against cyber attack attempts.

A unique characteristic adapted in Malwarebytes is the anti-exploit feature protection, wherein any kind of vulnerabilities identified in the operating systems or other installed programs are detected and alarmed to the users

Also, the malicious website protection feature from Malwarebytes can be resourceful in blocking computers accessing any kind of malicious site.

It helps in preventing any kind of malware attacks or security challenges impacting the cyber security of the systems. 

In the Malwarebytes vs. Acronis Cyber Protect comparison – both cyber security systems offer a wide range of cyber security features, and have their own set of merits and demerits. 

However, focusing on the dimensions of backup, data forensic, data continuous backup solutions, auto-adjustments to patches, etc, it can be stated that Acronis backup and Acronis cybersecurity systems have the better edge for the enterprise systems and SMBs in Singapore. 

Reach out to the Exabytes Singapore team for more details on the efficacy of cybersecurity solutions, and subscription offerings for Acronis backup and Acronis cybersecurity solutions 

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