Have Multiple Domain Names for My Business

If one owns a business, one probably realizes how crucial it is to secure a domain name for the website of your enterprise.

However, many individuals won’t be satisfied with only purchasing one domain name. Purchasing multiple domain names may help ensure that visitors to your website can find you.

Here are five reasons why you should think about registering multiple domain names:

1# Possibility of Typo Errors

It’s probable that visitors will either mistype or not know how to spell your domain name or distinctive terms.

In this situation, it’s a good idea to buy domain names that cover the most common misspellings of your main domain name so that you may direct visitors who inadvertently type your URL incorrectly to the proper domain name.

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2# Sound-alike or Similar Domain Names

Your potential customers may be duped into visiting a competitor’s website if they register a domain name and website that sound identical to yours.

Consider buying potential “copycats” of your domain name to avoid this.

3# Identifying Name

The website or brand may be seen differently by various individuals and not always by its official name.

You could wish to register a domain name that describes your business in addition to the business name itself, depending on the services or goods you sell.

This is particularly true if the company name is new or if it has a unique feature or location that doesn’t go with the name.

To direct visitors to a certain page on the website, such as a blog or an order page, one may also use a domain name that is more descriptive.

4# Change of Name

If your company or brand formerly went by a different name, it’s a good idea to buy both the previous and current domain names so that people can easily discover you.

Alternatively, if you wish to alter the domain name of your business, you should purchase and host a website on a new domain name, and set up the old domain name to redirect to the new one

#5 New TLDs

Users have a fantastic opportunity to register a memorable and distinctive domain name with domain extensions or TLDs such as .plumbing and .photography.

Buying a domain name with a different TLD alongside your existing standard domain ending, such as.com or.net, may help you stand out from the competition and showcase a particular aspect of your business.

#6 Why Employ a Multi-Domain SEO Strategy

The theory is that the brand is doing better overall for particular keywords. As one can see, the goal of a multiple domain name approach is to provide the SEO strategy with greater strength.

One can rank with several domain names as opposed to only one domain name. The likelihood that a user will click on a result that leads to a website you control rises as a consequence.

It’s a little bit of a unique SEO tactic. Most website owners concentrate on ranking particular pages.

However, a multiple domain name strategy could be right for you if you want your brand to rank higher.

If a company owns multiple brands, for example, if you buy website domains both example.com and sample.com, or if you own several brands, this is common when businesses develop distinct brands to address a related specialty.

Brands occasionally acquire rival companies or launch completely new ones, but before doing so, checking domain availability is crucial.

Sometimes businesses develop microsites. One may get the same keyword ranking in both scenarios. Theoretically, this promotes the brand and raises your position for your target term.

Two Different Sorts of Multi-Domain SEO Tactics

One can employ two tactics that are largely above board.

  • The first is creating microsites. You will need to check domain availability and create entirely new sites for this.
  • The alternative is to employ 301 redirects to keep link juice and benefit from an audience that already exists.

1. Building microsites

The most time and work will be required for this, but the potential returns are the greatest.

The first step is to choose the need your microsite will fill, check domain availability then buy website domain.

If one wants to build a microsite, one should check domain availability and buy a website domain, a distinctive domain name that is associated with your company.

2. 301 redirects.

Simple yet effective is the 301 redirect. It transfers 90%–99% of the rating from the old link to the new link.

That implies you will receive the majority of the link juice from the previous site if you acquire a domain name that ranks for a certain keyword and points that site to yours.

A 301 redirect will lose some of its power, but it is still the preferred redirection technique. Don’t use a 302! The Bots outran 302 by 301.

One thing you should be aware of is that redirecting from a purchased domain name will probably result in somewhat less link traffic going to the website.

Acquire the Domain Names

search domain name

You must first check domain availability and acquire the domain names if you want to develop a multiple-domain approach.

Three approaches are available to you:

1. Make fresh domains

The safest course of action is to register your own unique domain name. This will provide you with complete control over your domain and is likely to be the least expensive choice as well.

Basically, you’ll need to build a microsite or a new brand around your existing brand.

2. Invest in expired domains

If one chooses this course of action, one must exercise extreme caution. To build a private blog network, people used to purchase a ton of expired domain names.

But after Google began de-indexing PBNs, this method has become far less widespread. Check DA and the domain availability before purchasing.

It’s simple to route several domains to a website with most registrars, like Exabytes, so you can just buy website domain and direct visitors who enter one of your other domain names to that one website.

If you want to buy website domains with other relevant domain names, Exabytes can help.

To find out more about the Exabytes domain hosting services, contact us now.

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