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What is a domain price when one wants to buy a domain name? How do you decide which is a good domain price for your website? When living expenses are rising, it is more crucial than ever to buy a domain name.

One must buy a domain name from a registrar like Exabytes to obtain a company website name. Registrars are simple businesses that let one buy domain names. Registrars’ upfront and add-on domain prices differ.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Domain Name in Singapore?

Several elements, including the domain extension (TLD) and the registrar one select, will affect the final cost of a domain price.

The majority of domain prices typically cost between $5 and $50 a year. There are a few exceptions, though. Premium domain names, for instance, can occasionally cost hundreds or even millions of dollars.

The best domain for your website an affordable domain price: how to choose

There are a few things to take into account while selecting the ideal domain for the website.

Consider your website’s goal before buying domain name that best reflects it.

If one is launching a blog, for instance, you’ll need to buy domain name that’s simple to remember and accurately describes your site’s subject.

On the other hand, if you’re opening an online store, you’ll need to buy domain name that contains the name of the company or one of your products.

One should also consider to buy domain names (TLDs) that are for sale. There are several more extensions accessible in addition to the three that are most popular: .com, .net, and .org.

It’s critical to select an extension that’s appropriate for your website because certain extensions are more popular than others.

For a website concerning television, one can buy domain name with the. tv extension might be a wise choice.

How Much is Usually a Domain’s Price?

The typical price to buy domain name is between $10 and $20 each year. However, this cost might differ in domain renewal price significantly depending on the TLD and registrar.

For instance, the annual cost of an domain from a well-known registrar would be roughly $15, whereas the annual cost of an domain from the same registrar might be $10.

In contrast, a less well-known TLD like the .club could domain price of $2 to $3 a year.

What Factors Influence Domain Prices? 

Various variables might lead to significant pricing variations for domains price and domain renewal prices. The following are some of the most significant variables that influence domain prices:

  1. The domain name’s level of popularity. A domain price will cost more if the domain is well-known it is.
  2. The domain name’s kind. Because some domain prices (TLDs) are more in demand than others, they frequently cost more.
  3. The length of the domain name. Longer domain names come with less domain prices than short ones.
  4. The domain name’s accessibility. The domain price will increase if the desired domain name is already registered.

Guidelines for Cheap Domain Price Purchase 

There are a few things one can do to obtain the greatest value if you’re searching to buy domain name on a tight budget.

Here are some pointers to buy domain names.

  1. Pick a less well-liked extension. There are several available domain extensions, some of which are more well-known than others. One might reduce the domain price by forgoing the more well-liked expansions.
  2. Look around for the best domain price. The cost to buy domain names varies among registrars. To get the best domain pricing, compare prices offered by several registrars.
  3. Make a multi-year purchase. A lot of registrants give discounts for purchases made over several years. It might be more cost-effective in the long term to purchase for several years at once. Domain renewal price differs the next time one checks domain renewal price.
  4. Pay early for the domain renewal price. Some registrars provide domain renewal price discounts if one renews a domain name before the deadline. In the long term, one can save money by renewing with a domain renewal price before it expires.
  5. Think about utilizing a domain registrar. Registrars of domain names frequently have access to domain prices at discounts that aren’t accessible to the general public. A registrar like Exabytes might be able to assist you to buy domain name for the ideal domain name.

Domain Price at Domain Registrars

Despite the fact that they also provide other services sporadically, domain registrars appear to specialize in selling domains. They have advantages and disadvantages, just like any business.


  • One may frequently discover the finest domain-specific discounts on domain prices here.
  • Many of these businesses also provide user-friendly website builders with low domain prices and hosting services. They may be respectable choices for building a very simple first website.


  • One must understand how to point the domain at the website whether one wants to host it with a dedicated hosting provider, your own servers, or a site builder.
  • Once you get the hang of it, this truly isn’t all that difficult, but it is something to keep in mind.

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The simple answer to “how much does a domain name cost in Singapore?” is: it depends. The cost of registering a new domain price shouldn’t be prohibitive, but after the first year, the domain renewal price will rise.

If one wants to buy domain name for years, Exabytes experts can assist one to buy domain name at an affordable price.

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