Briana Lee

Briana Lee
Briana is a foodie who enjoys good food with great people. Gaming is a favourite past time too.
A Day to Celebrate: 20 Years of Live, Work and Play

20 Years of Live, Work and Play: A Day to Celebrate

Time flies when you are having fun and more fun when we are together! Peak into the annual lunch of Exabytes celebrating 20 years of gratitude.

Benefits of An Online Home Business

Why should you start an online business? Read to find out the benefits of an online home business! Find out about a free workshop to help you too.
forging weighty partnerships to offer better

Forging Weighty Partnerships to Offer Better

Weighty and valuable partnerships between Exabytes and Visa brings exclusive offers to Visa Business Cardholders.
reasons design is important for your website and business

3 Reasons Design is Important for Your Website

Why is good design good business? Design is more important for your business and website than you think! Find out the reasons here.
Building Our Youths For the Future

Building Our Youths for the Future

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. 3 reasons why coding is beneficial for our children.
success stories skyy design workshop

Success Story: The SKYY Is The Limit

The SKYY is the limit. You can achieve anything if you really want to. Find out what goes behind for more success with SKYY Design Workshop.
Going Digital During The Pandemic Chinese 疫情期间走向数字化


Exabytes 的创始人兼首席执行官Chan Kee Siak先生与来自 Awani Review 的 Cynthia Eng讨论关于企业在线上的数字化发展。
A collaborative effort: Empower your business digitally

A Collaborative Effort: Empower Your Business Digitally

Exabytes and INFT works together to achieve our common goal to empower businesses digitally.

Empowering The Youths Of Singapore Digitally

We have embraced and adopted digitalisation in our daily lives. Now, we need to develop and nurture youths, the future of our society digitally.

Declarators Success Story: Perseverance Is Key To Success

Find out how Javier Yip, the founder of Declarators persevered through challenges and established Declarators as an award-winning Declaring Agent.