Empowering The Youths of Singapore

The future of our society lies very much within our children and our youths, with functionalities of our daily lives leaning towards the need to adapt to digitalisation.

Exabytes sees the urgent need to develop knowledge of digitalisation for the community and to nurture youth in the tech industry. As such, campaigns catering to the sponsorship of digital solutions were launched to offer free platforms for the community.

This is an initiative to further develop digital knowledge amongst the community, as well as to introduce the simplicity of digitalisation for those who are unfamiliar.

Amongst the many campaigns by Exabytes are two notable ones specially catered for youths in Singapore.

Exabytes teams up with Cyber Youth Singapore and National Youth Council Singapore to support and develop youth in Singapore on digital knowledge and their digitalisation journey!

Digitalise Singapore With Cyber Youth Singapore

Exabytes recently collaborated with Cyber Youth Singapore to launch Digitalise Singapore for Youth – a CSR campaign to give support to youths in developing their digitalisation journey.

Cyber Youth Singapore is a non-profit youth organisation run by the youths of Singapore. As a youth community, they aim to empower and provide youths with an avenue to explore their interest in technology and cybersecurity.


The Digitalise Singapore for Youth Campaign aims to nurture and support the youths in Singapore on their digitalisation journey. Digitalise Singapore for Youth has two programmes namely, the innovator and researcher programme.

Through the programmes, youths can explore both sponsored packages and opportunities to further develop their digital assignments, or put their digitalisation dream to realisation.

In this CSR campaign, Exabytes is sponsoring digital solutions such as Domain, Web Hosting and VPS to provide free platforms for youths in Singapore to develop their digital projects free of charge.

The Cyber Youth Innovators Programme is for youths with new projects. Youths with an idea and need resources can apply for resource or funding support. 

The Cyber Youth Researcher Programme is for youths who want to join existing projects. The list of projects under Digitalise Singapore for Youth will be listed publicly. Youths can apply to join and participate in existing projects.

There are also many platforms such as workshops made available for youths to expand their knowledge in regards to going digital. 

Through the joint programme, Exabytes was invited to join Cyber Youth Singapore for the Cyber Youth Singapore Summit 2021.

The Cyber Youth Singapore Summit 2021 is held to establish a platform for youths of Singapore with a common interest in technology to gather and showcase their skills.

CEO of Exabytes, Mr Chan Kee Siak invited to attend the Cyber Youth Singapore Summit 2021

At the Cyber Youth Singapore Summit 2021, Exabytes shared more about what they do and the Digitalise Singapore for Youth campaign to help youths gain more experience and resources. 

Digitalise Singapore With National Youth Council Singapore

The National Youth Council Singapore has also expressed support for Exabytes in the Digitalise Singapore campaign by promoting the campaign to their community. 

The National Youth Council Singapore shared Digitalise Singapore to their community through Instagram and EDM.

The National Youth Council Singapore is an organisation that believes in a world where young people are respected and heard have the ability to influence and make a difference to the world.

They aim to create opportunities for all Singaporean youth to be heard, be empowered and be the change. 

Other than the above-mentioned, Exabytes is also working with the National Youth Council on their YouthTech programme to nurture young talents in the tech industry, to give youths opportunities to learn and experience the ins and outs of the industry they may not have experienced before.  

The National Youth Council shared Digitalise Singapore with the YouthTech community.

The YouthTech programme was launched to provide young graduates and working adults with traineeship opportunities in the field of technology and digitalisation.

Through the YouthTech programme, youths will gain access to training, traineeship placement opportunities, allowance and mentoring and support. 

Exabytes is passionate about nurturing youths and is very happy to have been invited to be a part of the National Youth Council’s YouthTech programme, and to partner with Cyber Youth Singapore in launching and executing campaigns catering for the youths in Singapore.

We look forward to nurturing more youths of Singapore and empowering the industry and community in today’s digitalisation standards.

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