success stories skyy design workshopThere are no limits and anything is possible. You can achieve anything if you really want to. 

Ever wondered how ideas are brainstormed and conceptualised into many beautiful works of art we often see at stores, events and even exhibitions? Who are the people who bring these ideas to live? 

SKYY Design Workshop is a fabrication house that specialises in the above mentioned! They have it all covered for events from designing, planning, building to installing. An all-in-one package of what you would need to set up your next event. 

With the pandemic on-going now, the events industry has been struggling due to safety measures and health concerns. How did SKYY Design workshop handle the situation?

Read on to find out more about the importance of digitalisation and how they ride the tide, pulling through tough times. 

Tell us more about your brand story.

We are a fabrication company at our core, and have been actively involved in events as well. We are passionate about creating experiences for companies.

Who is your primary audience, and how do you reach them?

Our primary audience are brands who want to reach their audience.

We have a sizable dedicated sales team; of which they have been assigned to different industries respectively. Their focus individually has built up our client base to date. Our primary audience consists of mostly repeated happy customers as well as clients generated from ads put out on Google.

Why do you think a website is important for your business?

A website shows our capabilities digitally and opens new channels of opportunity.

success-story-skyy-design-workshop-instagramCheck out SKYY Design Workshop’s instagram here!

Please share the most memorable challenge when you first started, and how do you overcome it?

We encountered several hurdles while building the website.

What are the marketing strategies you are using right now? What do you look for in an online business?

We are actively seeking opportunity through other industries such as visual merchandising as events might not pick up anytime soon.

success-story-skyy-design-workshop-lazada-portfolioCredit: SKYY Design Workshop Website, Portfolio

The LAZADA exhibition booth done by SKYY Design Workshop. 

What are the materials/ support you feel traditional businessmen need in order to help them to go online? Knowledge and education? Or money?

A digitally savvy voice employee and good branding.

What are the 3 things that you wish someone told you earlier when starting your business?

  • Digital competency
  • Ability to problem-solve fast
  • Ever evolving economy

Please share your positive experience with Exabytes.

Fast response.


Digitalisation is definitely one of the important factors to consider when setting up or running your business today. As we witness a steady increase in our digital footprints over the years, it has definitely reached new heights during the pandemic. Especially with the pandemic and many of us converting our homes to our offices. Human foot traffic in public places has significantly decreased and this has impacted many businesses in various ways that was unexpected. 

With many unforeseen circumstances, having a digital presence has proven to be a key contributing factor for businesses to increase their exposure and stay afloat. 

Thank you SKYY Design Workshop for sharing their story and participating in the Success Story Campaign.  

Share Your Success Story with Us

The success of Exabytes is built on the success of the clients it serves. “Success” can mean different things to different people. What we hope to achieve through these stories that make up “OurStartupJourney” is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals to pursue their big ideas despite obstacles and challenges.

If you wish to share how you have contributed to the betterment of others online, get in touch with us.

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