Empower your business digitally
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Digitalisation has been taking the world by storm. Amidst the pandemic, many businesses have even expedited their digitalisation progress.

Whilst some may feel the urgency to digitalise as well, we may oftentimes be limited due to the unfamiliarity.

The sky is the limit but our knowledge and resources can limit us too. So it is important that we reach out, work and achieve greater heights together!

Exabytes and INFT

With the common goal of empowering businesses to digitalise, Exabytes and INFT are partnering to work and achieve together.

At Exabytes, we believe that teamwork makes the dream work! By working together, we strive to reach out further to endless possibilities and help more businesses.

Wider reach and higher rewards for everyone!

INFT is Asia’s first community-driven digital business account for startups and SMEs. It is a truly user-friendly suite of exceptional business experiences comprising finance and much more.

How Are We Empowering Business Digitally?

In partnership with INFT, Exabytes is thrilled to offer our digital services to help more SMEs digitalise and further their reach.

Through careful thought and consideration, we have specially curated the digital solutions we think would best suit your needs!

The services of Exabytes’ being offered are the Business Website Design, eCommerce Website Design, Google Ads and Facebook Ads. We believe that these services would be beneficial to businesses as the first stepping stone into the digital world.

To help you manage your business, you can open an account with INFT and receive 50% off admin fees for loans and an $80 rebate.

Why Is Having An Online Presence Important For Your Business?

To start off, a website is also a marketing tool. A domain is your address and a website is essentially alike to a house for your business. Potential and existing customers would then be able to find you online. Your online presence would be vital for your business.

Your website will help establish and increase awareness of your brand. It will also increase your business credibility and extend your reach to the world.

Unable to make up your mind? Weighing out on the pros and cons of digitalising your business? Read more about it here.

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