Internet domain names have now become much more valuable in today’s world as owning one is the first step towards establishing your own branding. Since domain names are so important, how exactly can we keep them safe?


Read on to find out the 3 basic ways to protect your domain name.

1. Purchase a private registration service

Every domain that is registered will have a public record of the person or organization who registered it in WHOIS database. It is important for you to check your personal details again on WHOIS and make sure the information posted is accurate.

** You could check your domain WHOIS on many websites. Simply go to Google and type in ‘WHOIS lookup’.

In fact, everyone can see your personal details on WHOIS, including hijackers, who may see the opportunity to to make use of your personal details for some illegal activities, such as phishing. To protect your information, a private registration service is needed to shield the real domain name owner from public view.

By familiarizing yourself with WHOIS and how it’s used, you can reduce the chances of falling victim to criminal activities.

2. Check your domain name expiry date

Mark your calendar to know when your domain name expires. You do not want to lose it forever just because of absent mindedness. There are companies/individuals whose business are to buy expired domain names and charge whatever they want to sell it back to the original owner again.

3. Fight cybersquatters

Cybersquatting is an intentional act to register an unused domain name similar to an existing website. For example, a cybersquatter might purchase similar to a company’s domain name like (Note the missing ‘n’ in the first domain name) Cybersquatters are betting visitors may misspell the URl and hence browse the wrong website (which might be selling the exactly same products).

So imagine you are the owner of When your business thrives, and you realize a lot of your customers who wanted to visit your website actually ended up on (with an extra ‘n’), would you pay a high price to obtain

I’m sure many would.



For extra protection, you may want to consider buying the other extensions  of your  domain names, such as .com, .sg,, .net, .co, etc to avoid falling victim to cybersquatting.

Till then see you soon in the next post!

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