Domain Grace Period And Redemption Grace Period

Domain Grace Period and Redemption Grace Period


What is Domain Grace Period?

Do you know your domain needs to be renewed regularly if you want to continue using it for your website, or for your portfolio? You may renew a domain for a minimum of 1 year and up to a maximum of 10.

It is always best to renew a domain name before it expires so there is no interruption in services and the risk of losing ownership of the domain name can be greatly reduced.

If a domain had expired so long that it was removed from an account, it may still be possible to retrieve and renew it within 30 days. Even though your domain has expired, you still have a chance to reclaim your domain. The grace period allows you to renew the domain in case you change your mind and want the domain back. Read more about Domain Grace Period for SGNIC (e.g .SG/.COM.SG) here 

  • Redemption Grace Period

    This is the last chance in case you forgot to renew the domain. At this stage, you can still renew the domain during the redemption period, although it costs an additional renewal fee. Different fees are chargeable for different registrars or web hosts.

  • Pending Delete

    At this stage, the domain name is pending delete — you will never be able to get back the domain after this. It can take up to 5 days for the process to take place. Next, the domain name will be fully deleted/removed. Soon anyone can purchase or register it on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Backorder

    Anyone wishes to own your domain name can place a backorder on your domain name, and they will be notified as soon as it is available.

  • Auction

    The domain name will be released to public auction if there isn’t any backorder.

  • Release to the world!

    After backorder and auction period is over, the domain name will go back to registry — anyone will be able to purchase/register it just like any other available domain name.

We are currently updating our system, which will soon be able to show your domain lifecycle information, which includes Active domain, Expired domains, domains in Grace period and much more. Please refer to the image below:

domain grace period

These information are helpful to you as a reminder of your domain name status, helping you to avoid losing your valuable domain(s) due to absent-mindedness.

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