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When is the Right Time to Have A Website For My Business

7 April 2022 | 10AM-11AM

Listen to the stories and advice of the experienced and knowledgeable.


“Since I have a small business with a small workforce, and since we don’t sell anything online, do I need a website?”

The answer is YES! If you have a business, you should have a website to avoid losing business to competitors that already have one.

Join us! Listen to the stories and advice of the experienced and knowledgeable.

Guest Speaker:
1. Vanessa Ong
Bio: Founded Gernise Global in 2014, a B2B company specialising in distributing polycarbonate and plastic raw material. In 2016, she also founded MamaShop, a B2C e-commerce platform specialising in environmentally-friendly products including lifestyle products and eco-friendly straws. In 2020, Vanessa started a new Wellness division under Gernise Global to bring in Glyken, a birdnest extract in powdered form.

2. Valerie Aw

Bio: Founded Aestival Elements where she designs, curates and distributes resort style fashion apparel and accessories! Taking a break from an established banking career gave Valerie the opportunity to explore her interest in art and led her into creating her own brand. Through this, she hopes to give all women across Southeast Asia the means to express their individuality.

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Event Details

Date: April 07, 2022

Start time: 10:00 a.m. UTC+08

End time: 11:00 a.m. UTC+08

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