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Do you know free SSL Certificates available now? SSL Certificates help to protect your login details, file transfer, secure your personal info and build a trustable brand for online business.

With an SSL Certificate, your website URL will start with “https://” instead of “http://”. In addition, your website visitors/potential customers will notice a green [Secure] word in the website address bar.


Steps to Claim a FREE SSL Certificate for your WordPress website:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress Website Dashboard.
Step 2: Access your “Setting” menu on your left.


Step 3: Replace your current URL with


Step 4: Proceed by clicking on the “Save Changes” button below. Now refresh your website. You’ve successfully switched to a “Secure” website.

NOTE: If the green [Secure] word still does not show in the browser address bar when you browse your website, proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Go to “Plugin – > Installed plugins”


Step 6: “Add New” Plugins. Search for “Really Simple SSL”.


Step 7: Install the plugin, and proceed to click on the button “Go ahead, activate SSL!”


Step 8: Refresh your website. Your are now ready to go with “Secure SSL

If you experience any issue while performing this setup, please feel free to contact our tech team at: Exabytes Support Helpdesk
PS: Remember to Update your Google Analytic setup to “https://” ?

There are various types of SSL Certificates. If you run your online business on a eCommerce or corporate website, do consider changing your certificate to EV Certificate.

(EV Certificate, Extended validation) provide the maximum amount of trust to visitors, and also require the most effort by the certificate authority to conduct an intense investigation of a business before issuance.

EV certificate will also show the name of the company or organization in the address bar itself, and a green bar is added to the user’s browser to signify that the certificate holder is a trusted authority.


EV Certificates is good for website that involve in e-commerce and transaction as it offer the highest conversion rates and foster the greatest level of trust with the end user. which is why most large companies and organizations choose EV certificates.

In a nutshell, encrypts your website content with SSL Certificates to increase trustworthy and secure for your website. Exabytes Web Hosting plans include free SSL Certificates and everything that is essential for your website creation.

Learn how a Free SSL / HTTPs can secure customer data & increase search ranking.

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